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By: Fat Loss Lab  01-20-2011
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Are you sick of weight loss programmes that make promises and fail to deliver? Are you tired of eating nothing, only to gain the weight you have lost shortly afterwards? Are you tired of spending thousands of Rands on injections and pills, avoiding certain food groups and damaging your immune system in the process? Then The Fat Loss Laboratory has the solution...


THE FAT LOSS LABORATORY’S weight loss regime relies on correct hormonal stabilisation and balance, using proper nutrition coupled with a sound multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement. We do not count calories. Rather, our weight loss regime is based on achieving a natural chemical reaction in the body that is triggered using food types in specific quantities and combinations.

Our weight loss regime is unique because it is based on the results obtained from a specific set of blood tests. The blood tests allow for an analysis of certain aspects of your system, which in turn indicates what is required to get your body’s hormones back into synchronised balance.


Based on this careful analysis of your blood test results, a weight loss regime is prepared specifically for you that will eliminate excess body fat and create hormonal balance without leaving you feeling weak or hungry.

The duration of your weight loss regime depends on a number of factors, specifically

·         your blood profile, NOT YOUR BLOOD TYPE; and

·         your hormonal imbalance.

The minimum weight loss is 7-10kgs over a 4-week period

The final and crucial stage of the regime is the 4-week blood test which enables us to establish your weight management regime. The weight management regime takes place at the end of your weight loss regime when your body has achieved balance – i.e. you have reached your goal weight. Normal or so-called “bad foods” are reintroduced in to your regime without shocking your body into returning to fat-storage mode.


The regime not only changes your hormonal structure and metabolism so that your body processes food more efficiently, it also helps you develop healthier eating habits and adopt lifestyle choices that ensure that you maintain your weight and are able to finally break the obesity/yo-yo dieting cycle.


Should you wish to invest in a "new you", please do not hesitate to contact me!


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Keywords: Fat Loss, lose weight, Weight Loss Programs, weight management