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Fine Art Pencils and Accessories from Crafty Arts

By: Crafty Arts  02-23-2011
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Well known for its superior quality is the traditional graphite pencil. Cedar wood casing guarantees utmost strength and easy sharpening. Our range of 20 hardness/softness grades from 9B (softest) to 9H (hardest) covers the full range of applications. Softer grades produce broader and darker strokes; harder grades produce more precise and lighter strokes. CRETACOLOR graphite pencils are the ultimate tools for all sketching, drawing and hatching applications.

For those with an interest in unique graphite materials, our Monolith Graphite is an exclusive to CRETACOLOR. Sketching and writing with a designer tool: the pencil consists of a pure lead protected by a thin layer of varnish. Professional artists find it particularly valuable because fine and broad strokes can be achieved with just one pencil. It is easily sharpened like a normal pencil and is available in HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and 9B.
Special Products
Furthermore CRETACOLOR offers a full range of special products for many other graphite techniques. The water soluble GRAPHITE AQUARELL is perfect for the watercolor artist. For covering large surfaces, we recommend using our graphite sticks that come in 2 different sizes. Professional artists especially like our special 5.6 mm woodless graphite leads.

The extra-soft kneaded eraser is indispensable when working with pastels, charcoal or graphite products. It absorbs the chalk dust by blotting and wiping the surface, without damaging the drawing paper.The extra-softness guarantees easy shaping and thus, exact working. CRETACOLOR kneaded erasers are especially suitable for lightening, correcting and cleaning of drawings but can also be used for adding highlights.

CHARCOAL From student to artist charcoal represents a popular artist material. There are unlimited possibilities to use charcoal: from sketching, drafting and painting to combining them with colored pastels. Fantastic results can be created by the strokes or dissolving charcoal particles in water. NATURAL CHARCOAL
Natural charcoal comes from airtight burnt willow branches and produces more textured and inexact strokes.

In contrast to the natural charcoal, charcoal pencils and compressed charcoal can be recognized by their darker, precise and consistent strokes.

These products take a special position: containing natural oily waxes, they produce an extra smooth, glossy stroke that is water resistant.

Black chalk uses natural charcoal, clay and lampblack, is water soluble and can perfectly be combined with sanguine and sepia.

Keywords: Art, Fine Art