TeamPower Hour - Group Coaching Programme

By: Claude Warner Coaching  09-01-2010
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TeamPower Hour Group Coaching

An affordable and effective way to Empower your Team in the crucial skills of communication and interpersonal relationships

With the pressure and deadlines in today’s business environment, teams need to operate optimally.

A high performing team needs :

Clear communication amongst team members

Effective Interpersonal Relationships within the team

A high level of trust

TeamPower Hour is a monthly hour long on-site group coaching session where communication and interpersonal skills are taught and practiced through role plays & other forms of experiential learning. The following sessions are covered over a 6 month period:

·         I Know You and You Know me

Using Johari’s Window to increase what is known about each team member, thus

improving open communication and the use of each other’s strengths.

·         I Hear You

The different ways questions can be asked to achieve optimal communication.

·         I Understand You

Learning and practicing the skills of active listening, the foundation of empathy.

·         I own my Actions

Learning to respond rather than react. The Ladder of Inference is used to understand the gap between stimulus and response.

·         I am Calm and in Control

Understanding why people are sometimes aggressive and critical or why others respond to this by become rebellious or submissive. Using Transactional Analysis to understand the different ego states and what mature adult behavior looks like.

·         I manage my Time

Time/Priority Management – using Covey’s 3 habit to achieve balance and optimal performance.

To integrate the learning, each session begins with a short review of team members’ application of the previous sessions learning before going on to the new lesson.

TeamPower Hourcoaching sessions can be paid monthly to create an affordable yet effective way to empower your team. (A discount is offered if paid up front.)

Get all 6
TeamPower hours in a day!TeamPower is also offered as a one day team building workshop.

Build a winning team that achieves and exceeds business goals

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Keywords: Business Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Group Coaching, Personal Development, Team Building, Team Coaching, teambuilding

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