Civil Engineering Materials Testing Services (Pty) Ltd

By: Labco  11-11-2011
Keywords: Asphalt, Asphalt Design

  • Soils Analysis and Testing
    • Labco undertakes both onsite and laboratory testing of soils used in construction of road pavement layers and fills, building foundations and platforms, dams and related construction activities.
    • Samples are tested and classified according to standard or project specifications.
  • Asphalt and Bituminous Testing
    • Labco offers a comprehensive asphalt design and testing service and is supported by its sister company SRT.
    • The designs are based on various procedures including Marshall and Superpave.
    • The service includes testing and evaluation of various asphalt mixes, binders, emulsions and cutbacks.
    • Labco regularly assist consulting engineers and others with on-site supervision and testing.
  • Concrete Testing
    • Labco provides concrete testing services from the initial assessment and investigation at design stage, monitoring of batch plant operations and materials to placement phase, monitoring of workability (slump), veebee, and manufacturing of concrete cube samples.
    • Samples and testing are undertaken at predetermined frequencies pending project specifications for statistical analysis.
    • Testing includes compressive and flexural strengths at various curing ages including accelerated curing periods, compressive strength of concrete core samples.
    • Labco regularly conduct concrete durability testing including oxygen permeability, water sorptivity and chloride conductivity
  • Aggregate Testing
    • Since aggregates constitute the majority of the materials used in asphalt and concrete mixes the importance of accurately determining the quality of these materials cannot be over emphasised.
    • Labco provides accurate testing and analysis of coarse and fine Aggregates.
  • Concrete
  • Layerworks Stabilisation / Modification
    • GEMS
    • LAMBS
    • Foam Asphalt
    • Cement Stabilisation
    • Lime Stabilisation
    • Emulsion
  • Pavement
  • Diamond tip drilling
    • 28mm to 350mm diameter
    • Up to 450mm depth
    • Vertical and horizontal
    • In Concrete, Asphalt, Brickwork, Rock, Pavement Layers
  • Hole drilling
    • 6mm to 20mm
    • Up to 450mm depth
    • Vertical and horizontal
    • In Concrete, Asphalt, Brickwork, Rock, Pavement Layers
  • During the contruction phase of projects Labco’s technicians perform on-site testing and sampling pending the clients requirements specific to the project specifications and standards.
  • Where necessary construction materials are sampled and taken to the laboratory for further analysis and testing.
  • Labco’s technicians and managers provide on site assistance to assist with construction methodology and visual assessments and inspections for project,municipal, provincial or national or industry specifications.
Provision of staff and equipment tailored to the specific requirements of a project.

Keywords: Asphalt, Asphalt Design