By: Kondura  11-11-2011
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This racket produces a charge imbalance, known as static electricity,

(although electricity is never static).

This charge is enough to zap a mosquito dead, stun a fly or zap off a wing or a leg or both!

Is it Safe? Yes, it is CE certified safe. If you touch the grill, you will be shocked, but the power of the 2 AA batteries is not enough to hurt a human.


Nevertheless, keep it away from young children.

Don't use it around combustibles, flammable gases or liquids.

Please do not zap animals either.

Keep it away from sensitive electronic equipment.

Keep the racket dry; if it does get wet, let it dry out.

Warranty: One Year

Included in Each Purchase: 2 AA Batteries Quality Bug Zapper Bag.

Are there any drawbacks to buying this product? Yes there are! Once you use this item, you will run into these problems:

The #1 Complaint: "Where is my Bug Zapper!!?"

The #2 Complaint: "Hey! Who stole my Bug Zapper!!?"

Keywords: safe

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