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By: S.o.g.a  11-11-2011
Keywords: Organic Citrus

We are perfectly situated to grow a wide range of citrus cultivars. Our hot summer days are always tempered with cooling afternoon breezes off the sea. Winters are mild, but with warm days and  cold nights, which induce fully coloured fruits with tender flesh.  The best lemons in the world are grown at between 30 -35 degrees N and S. Our valley, at 33 deg S is perfectly situated for the production of good quality lemons. An abundance of irrigation water allows us to water our trees when they need it.

We are the world’s first producers of organic citrus.

Any fruit that does not meet our strict export standard for external blemishes is sent to our juicing factory where we produce premium single strength frozen juice and essential oils.

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Our farms and packhouse are certified organic by Ecocert, to EC 834/2007 standards.  All have Eurepgap and Natures Choice Accreditation.  In addition, our packhouse conforms to BRC certification.

Cultivar Pack Week Months
Lemons 16-39 Begin April - end September
Navels 20-30 Mid May - end July
Valencias 30-38 End  July - end September
Grapefruit 31-34 Begin to end August
Mandarins 22-28 End May - Mid July

Keywords: Organic Citrus