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By: Uksa  11-11-2011

Our strength is in the fact that we negotiate large quantities on behalf of our many investors. This enables us to negotiate real wholesale discounts of open market valuation ranging between 10 & 30%. We also negotiate a nominal deposit on behalf of our investors. In most cases you only need R5000 deposit to buy a property.

Investing in property and building a profitable portfolio could not be easier  than with UKSA International.

Step 1:
Choose one of our new investments. Conduct your own research to confirm that the property on offer is right for you.

Step 2:
When you are ready to invest, contact us.
Our dedicated team will guide you through all the necessary documentation (Offer to Purchase) and answer all your questions. The deposit need to be paid into the seller’s attorney’s trust account within 7 days of signing your contract.

Step 4:
Once your bond has been approved, our attorneys will contact you to discuss the bond registration process. There are 2 attorneys involved namely the transfer attorney (the seller’s attorney) and the bond registration attorney. The latter will act on your behalf.

Step 5:
Leading to completion of your property the transfer attorney will be in touch to discuss the transfer process and to sign any relevant documentation.

Step 6:
While construction are still taking place within the development, the lenders (banks) do regular site visits to check on the progress of the development and to ensure all building works are carried out according to regulations.

Step 7:
A certificate of occupation has to be issued by the local Authority to certify that your unit is ready for occupation. The bank must submit a valuator’s report that state your unit is fit for occupation. These 2 documents must be issued before the unit and bond can be registered.   The client or their appointed representative is then required to sign a “happy letter” (letter of satisfaction) directly with the developer, stating that you are satisfied with the unit. The unit is now ready to be transferred into your name. You are now officially the owner, congratulations!

Step 8:
On a new build property the developer will allow time to complete minor defects to the property. This is called the “snagging period” and will end 3 months after registration. During this time you must report all minor defects (if any) and the developer will rectify it free of charge.

Step 9:
Our preferred letting agents or estate agents will assist you with lettings or re-sales.

The estimate is of a positive cash flow right from the start.
This process may take between 2-18 months, depending on the development. We will assist you with the entire process.

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However, he said that rather than take the view that the residential property market as an asset class is one to be avoided right now, allowing time to pass for the market to correct itself, it is at times such as these when astute investors capitalise on the situation by making considered acquisitions and achieving significant returns.