Tahitian Noni Juice

Tahitian Noni Juice from Chef solutions

By: Chef solutions  12-12-2010
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The undisputable No.1 Wellness drink!


 The one good thing,

loved by millions in 77 countries for its health benefits.”

    Now available from your South African distributor!

     Discover the natural healing power of Tahitian Noni Juice

           boosts your immune system

            keeps your heart healthy

            helps maintain cholesterol levels

            provides superior antioxidants

            over 150 proven vitamins


            helps to relief pain

            antibacterial, antiviral properties

           for external use, (ringworms, athletes feet, cuts, burns, etc)                                                      

             contains serotonin

           noni contains 800x more enzymes’ than a pineapple!!

       no sugar added, no conservatives

     no alcohol, no side effects


Keywords: solutions