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By: Natural Oils  11-11-2011
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Essential oils are the oil soluble portions of plants, flowers, roots, bark or resins obtained through the means of distillation, expression or solvent extraction. Essential oils are usually diluted in carrier oil for use, as they are too concentrated in their essential oil state, and often this also means they are potentially harmful undiluted.

Carrier oils are vegetable oils obtained by cold or hot pressing of the plant. Examples are Almond and Jojoba oil. These oils are used to "carry" the essential oils to the skin and are a means of transport through the skin into the circulatory system. The carrier oils have medicinal properties too, and one would use different carrier oils for different purposes. Carrier oils are often used in combination with creams and ointments to enhance their ability to treat a condition.

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There is always other equipment that would make an Aromatherapists life easier, so we stock some of those items. You can buy from us bottles to mix oils in and dispense them from, or jars to put creams or bath salts in. It is always a speciality to be able to craft your own soaps and candles and we can supply you with the basic raw ingredients and kits to be able to use your expertise to the full.

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