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By: Ilam  11-11-2011



  1. We offer a short run replication service whereby discs are replicated using a burning process as
    opposed to a manufacturing process.
  2. We generally undertake orders of 20 - 500 units of a specific CD, or 5 - 500 units of a specific DVD.
  3. We guarantee a 48 hour turnaround (Monday - Friday) on replication within the specified limits.
  4. CD/DVD booklet and/or colour disc printing may require a longer lead time, depending on individual requirements.
  5. We use a smudge and water resistant thermal printing process to print the label directly onto the disc.
  6. We can print in black on most unbranded disc surfaces, although the quality will be best on a disc
    designed for thermal printing.
  7. Colour printing, via a three panel CMY overlay process, requires special thermal printable white top discs.
  8. This process provides labels limited to 7 solid primary colours and 256 interpolated secondary colours.
  9. We recommend MAM (Mitsui Advanced Media) discs for best burning and printing results, but also
    offer more cost effective options.
  10. Our replication costs are calculated from the programme content, in megabytes (MB), of the disc.
  11. Our services are provided on a "CASH ONLY" basis and all prices are VAT inclusive.


ILAM's Sound studio offers the following standard recording studio services:

  1. In-house recording
  2. Mixdown
  3. Mastering
  4. Creation of backing tracks
  5. Digitization and restoration of audio and video media
  6. Production of CDs
  7. Video editing and burning to DVD

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Historical Recordings by HT - Rhodes University

SWP015 - In the new urban culture during the fifties in the copper mining towns of Katanga Province in southern Congo and on the Copperbelt in northern Zambia, the guitar became an important status symbol. SWP014 - From the northern half of Malawi, more wonderful bangwe zither songs and malipenga kazoos, but also the karigo lute, the kubu bow, the kalimba - and exceptional a capella singing.