Laugh for Life

Laugh for Life from Colin Davies Coaching

By: Colin Davies Coaching  10-24-2008
Keywords: Leadership, motivation, Team-Building

People who laugh more are happier, healthier, are more creative innovative, and resilient in crisis. They produce more and live longer than their stressed out, non-laughing counterparts. They even tend to Earn More! Studies have suggested that 80% of our modern day diseases are stress related. This implies that stress is resulting in lower performance, with increased absenteeism and healthcare costs, thus costing SA business a fortune. Our hard-wired, fight or flight, stress response is tripped when we sense danger or become overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life. This stress response triggers the release of highly toxic stress chemicals, such as cortisol and adrenalin, into the blood stream. In addition, stress reduces our rational and creative capacity and switches our brain over to “auto-pilot”. This means that we automatically draw on pre-conditioned responses to deal with stressful situations, without considering the potentially negative implications of our actions. There are countless methods advocated to relieve stress. In the past, the occasional act of fighting or running did the trick. But today, stress is unrelenting. However, it is neither appropriate to hit your boss, client or co-worker, nor wise to abandon your workstation in an effort to escape. As a result we experience chronic stress due to the unbalanced ratio of stress to de-stress activities in our lives. The bad news is that chronic stress can lead to sickness, auto-immune diseases, dysfunctional coping behaviour, depression, violence and even suicide. As Dr Edward Creagan of the Mayo Clinic puts it, “When we become stressed out, anxious, or deal negatively with our emotions, we are essentially forfeiting our serenity; we are mortgaging our souls; the impact on our health and well-being can be devastating.” The good news is that hearty laughter is one of the quickest and simplest methods to trigger the de-stress response in the body. Laughter is a 100% natural remedy to the stress-induced imbalance of modern day living. The Mayo Clinic reports that laughter has both short and long term benefits. These include the release of endorphins which reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being, massaging the internal organs, aiding the digestive tract, normalising the immune system, and becoming more relaxed and energised. Colin Davies Coaching offers stress-busting, energy-boosting laughter programmes to assist organisations maximise their results by enhancing workplace creativity, emotional intelligence and overall performance. Contact Colin Davies Coaching to find out how you too can experience the strategic benefits of laughter. Visit, or phone 082 456 2680, today!

Keywords: laughter, Leadership, motivation, Team-Building