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By: Number Pleaze  04-08-2011
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Number Pleaze

Concept :

Wouldn’t it be easy if we just had one number where we could get what we wanted – sort of like Mr Delivery but for services.

For many people, when something breaks or needs repair, they have to search through yellow pages, call a friend to get a number of someone that can help them or search the internet, or wait for an operator.   It’s also not guaranteed that they will be able to help you.

With Number Pleaze, you need only remember 1 number which would get you the help you need. Number Pleaze offers a variety of services all on one number. There would be operators who would immediately send you a number in your area. You have the option of smsing, mailing, bbming to get a service you need.


Number Pleaze would be well advertised with an easy to remember number. They would be on the internet, have their ads in local papers and publish their own eco-friendly magazine booklet displaying their wide range of services.

Various owners of the area would sign up to Number Pleaze, for a monthly fee. This would be attractive to them because advertising in newspapers, or to create their own website would usually cost a bit and for just 1 monthly fee, Number Pleaze can advertise your business on your behalf, for a fraction of the fee.

Mission: Need a service? Number Pleaze!

-To efficiently provide a variety of services from just one number.


Selling  marketing consultants to service providers

Keywords: Internet Advertising, Online Advertising