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Get the outcome you want. Close the deal.

What is Motovate?

Motovate is a Sales, Management and CRM system designed specifically for the motor industry.

Motovate provides a "best practice framework" to standardise and support the dealership in dealing with leads, prospects and customers. The system is dynamically designed to connect you to your customer.

Motovate is built on a scalable open platform that can be simply integrated with other core systems, ensuring re-use of best of breed systems and technology where applicable.

Marketing Motovate allows the manufacturer, dealer group or individual dealer to market directly to existing customers. Loyal and conquest customers can be easily identified.

This can be achieved through the sending of letters, E-mails or SMSs containing details of product launches, promotions and events to customers or prospects that fit specific criteria.

Motovate has an events manager that enables the creation and management of promotional and marketing events.

Motovate gives the dealer principal the ability to analyse their specific customer base in order to formulate repurchase strategies and win back programs.

Motovate ensures standardization of communication in order to protect the brand image of the manufacturer, dealer group or individual dealer.


Motovate ensures that your customer enjoys a pleasant and professional sales experience.

Motovate ensures that the Dealership's selling methodology is enforced. The sales executive is forced to comply with a predetermined selling process to ensure that there is the greatest possibility of

closing the sale.

Customer details are only captured once and are then available for all steps within the sales process. The system performs validation checks on key fields to ensure the validity of the data captured.

Motovate ensures that all sales documentation produced is accurate and professional looking. All product and price information is drawn automatically from the system. If connected to the

manufacturer, vehicle and option pricing can be automatically downloaded. Documentation is standardized for the dealership/group which guarantees that the corporate identity is maintained.

Once the sale is completed, deal information can be sent directly to most dealer management systems eliminating duplicate work and ensuring accuracy.

Motovate allows the sales manager an overview of the sales pipeline for the entire dealership as well as for each individual sales executive. In a group situation, head office would have a view of the

sales pipeline of each dealership in the group.

The sales manager has the ability to set and manage targets per sales executive.

Motovate restricts access to all information and functions through permissions, ensuring that only authorized users will have access to pertinent data and tasks. Permissions can be customized to the

dealership's requirements.


Sales Executives are focused to perform the correct actions based on the automatic follow-ups that populate their diaries. The follow-up strategy is determined by the dealership and actions are

triggered as certain events occur such as birthdays and vehicle anniversaries.


Motovates Web based reporting allows dealer groups, dealer principles and sales executives a view of the entire sales pipeline by group, dealership or individual sales executive regardless of
their location. This ensures that proper control can be maintained.

Access to all information is permission driven ensuring that only authorized users will have access to pertinent data. Permissions can be customized to the dealership's requirements.

Information required by manufacturers for CSI and other purposes can be readily accessed.


Motovate allows both external as well as internally generated leads to be easily distributed by the
manufacturer, dealer group or sales manager. If the lead is not followed up and converted into a
contact, the system will automatically escalate the matter to the responsible person’s superior or
other designated person.

The conversion process occurs without any information having to be recaptured.

Motovate allows the sales manager to view the status of all leads at any time as well as draw

statistics about conversion rates that allow him to focus the dealerships efforts.

Keywords: Crm System

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