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By: Ebags  11-11-2011

About Fabric Handbags

Fabric purses offer many benefits over bags made of other materials. Fabric tends to lend itself better to logo prints and textures like crochet, quilting, etc. This is one reason why fabric bags are truly eye-catching accessories. Another great benefit of fabric handbags is that they are lightweight and often packable. Many

are made from fabrics like nylon, polyester, and microfiber because the material holds up better to folding, packing, and other hazards of travel. Plus it's lighter which means more comfort when carrying for longer periods of time.

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Backpack Handbags and Backpack Purses

They are also more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time because they distribute weight more evenly than traditional shoulder bags. While shoulder bags remain the most common form of handbag, many women choose backpack purses because they combine fashion and function. They range in size from mini bags to larger packs, but they all rest on your back via one or two shoulder straps.


Cross Body Bags and Handbags | Huge Selection

However, more recently, cross-body handbags have become very fashion forward with everyone from top designers to affordable trendy brands offering their take on this classic shape. Brands like eBags and Baggallini offer styles with lots of organization designed to keep your travel essentials handy without getting in the way while you're out sightseeing.