Easygram telegram services provides the most unique express telegram delivery service within Southern Africa

By: Easygram  11-11-2011
Keywords: Telegrams, New National Credit Act

Legal Status:
Telegrams are time and date stamped secure legal documents processed in telex format by a neutral third party.

NCA Compliant
Telegrams and the delivery methods are fully compliant with the new National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and are approved by various magistrates throughout the country.

forwarded individually or in bulk using various data file types.

Delivery Options:
Telegrams can be delivered to the recipient with a request for signature as well as a proof of delivery so you will know exactly when your message arrives, and who signed for it.

Delivery Timeframe:
Hand delivered within 48 Hours, Each telegram is assigned with a unique reference number for tracking purposes.

Global Reach:
Anywhere in the world - even to ships at sea.

High Impact
Rest assured your message WILL be read.

A company you can trust:
Easygram Telegram Services.

Keywords: New National Credit Act, Telegrams