E-Squares, Pavers, rustic concrete tiles, cladding, edging and retainer blocks

By: E-squares  11-11-2011
Keywords: tiles, cladding, Pavers

Cement Tiles

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tile your kitchen, pool / braai area, Patio or even driveway. with our rustic hard wearing tiles.

Our affordable tiles will make any area of your home inviting with their warm look and low maintenance properties.

Cladding, Edging, Cobbles

Stone cladding manufactured to any one of our 20+ colours or 400 colour combinations will ensure that you get the look to match any existing styling you may have.

Easy to use. Our cladding allows you to transform any wall into a beautiful piece of eye-catching workmanship.

Cobbles are used to finish off garden edging, to beauty paths and to cover driveways, parking areas and pavements. Our Cobbles are made using a vibration and mould technique, which ensures a very hard and smooth finish to the cobbles.


We pride ourselves in our paver manufacturing, aiming for the highest quality. This means we spend that little extra time on each paver to ensure it has a good finish with excellent strength. Our pavers are strong and long lasting. Use them to protect your home from mud and to give your garden a manicured look.

Sizes: 450x450x35 / 45, 400x400x35 / 45,

Keywords: cement tiles, cladding, Pavers, tiles