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By: E Property Solutions  11-11-2011
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We at e Property Solutions specialise in:

  • Residential Property Rental / Letting
  • Lease Administration & Management
  • Complex Management
However also offer Property:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Industrial & Commercial Property Broking
  • Consulting Services


Leasing / Renting out your own private property can be a lucrative business however with a risk attached. All to often Landlords become victims of shrewd tenants who skip monthly rentals and especially their last month rental, don't pay their water and electricity accounts and on top of all that, damage the property.

We at e Property Solutions have therefore designed our services so as to offer a holistic property and lease administration and management solution whereby we act as the Landlords agent or representative in carrying out the following services which can be tailored to suit the Landlords needs:


Our full Landlord service offering is detailed as follows:


1 Rental Valuation

  • Rental achievable in our opinion
  • Advice on leasing and letting including investment purchases

2 Marketing

  • Advertise the letting of the Premises in the local press
  • Web Based Marketing
  • Placing a To Let board on the property

3 Screening of potential lessee

  • Tenant application form
  • ID and proof of income verification
  • Full reference, I.T.C. and T.P.N. checks
  • Screen prospective Lessee to determine whether they would be able, financially, and otherwise, to fulfil all their obligations in terms of the lease agreement

4 Concluding of lease agreement

  • Negotiate best rentals on behalf of the Lessor
  • Accompany prospective Lessee when inspecting the Premises for letting
  • Attend to signature of lease agreement by Lessor and Lessee
  • Ensuring payment of required stamp duty by Lessee
  • Making available copies of lease agreement to both Lessee and Lessor


1 Financial Administration

  • Collect all rentals as they become due
  • Collect from the lessee the deposit payable in terms of the lease, retain such deposit in trust as prescribed by the Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976 and on termination of the lease administer and apply such deposit in the manner stated in the lease
  • Pay to the Lessor all rental and other monies collected in terms of the lease agreement, after deduction of disbursements
  • Issue receipts for all monies received from the Lessee
  • Render to the Lessor a statement of account at predetermined monthly intervals and at termination of the lease, setting out all monies received and disbursements over the period to which the statement relates
  • Arrange for the monthly rates and taxes and/or levy accounts to be sent to e Property Solutions offices, and pay such accounts;
  • Obtain and retain receipts for all disbursements made bye Property Solutions in terms of the lease agreement and make the relevant receipts available to the lessee.

2 Inspection and Reporting

  • Inspect the Premises with the Lessee before the Lessee moves in and register on a list all defects in and damage to the Premises existing at the time, such list to be annexed to the lease
  • Inspect the exterior of the Premises monthly and the interior of the Premises every three months as from the start of the lease until termination thereof, and after each such inspection give the Lessor a written report stating -
    • the general state of the Premises
    • whether the Lessee is in breach of any provision of the lease agreement and, if so, the nature thereof
    • whether any repair work must be done by the Lessor in terms of the lease agreement
    • any other information that may affect the Lessors interest in the lease
  • Inspect the Premises with the Lessee within three days before the lease expires
  • Give the Lessor a written report within seven working days after expiry of the lease, containing the details referred to above

3 Notices and Lease Compliance

  • Serve on the lessee such notices pertaining to the lease as the Lessor may instruct
  • Serve notices on the Lessee to remedy any breach of the lease agreement, forthwith after e Property Solutions obtains knowledge of such breach
  • Follow-up all notices as aforesaid and forthwith report to the Lessor in writing if any breach has not been remedied satisfactorily
  • Liaise with and assist the Lessors attorneys should it become necessary to take legal action against the lessee in respect of any matter relating to the lease
  • Lodge a complaint with a Rental Housing Tribunal established in terms of the Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999 (or similar tribunal established by provincial legislation) should the lessee commit any unfair practice regulated by such legislation. e Property Solutions will keep the Lessor informed of further developments following such complaint, and will forthwith inform the Lessor if, to e Property Solutions knowledge, the lessee has lodged a complaint with the said tribunal against the Lessor.

4 Maintenance and Repairs

  • Attend to the repair of all defects in and damage to the Premises of which e Property Solutions is aware, if-
    • the Lessor is liable for such repairs under the lease agreement or
    • the lessee has failed to attend to such repairs despite being obliged to do so in terms of the lease agreement, and such agreement entitles the Lessor to make the repairs without further notice to the lessee or
    • the repairs must be done urgently to prevent damage to the Premises, burglary and/or vandalism

Provided that all such repair work must be carried out by properly skilled tradespersons and the cost thereof to be determined as not to exceed an amount as agreed between e Property Solutions and the Lessor

  • Have the Premises cleaned on termination of the lease, if it has not been handed back by the lessee in a clean condition
  • Attend to the maintenance of the garden and the swimming pool should e Property Solutions know that the lessee fails to do so, and no further notice need be given to the lessee in terms of the lease agreement to attend thereto.

5 Key and Lock Management

  • Hand over the keys to the Premises to the lessee when the lease starts and collect all such keys on termination of the lease for safekeeping
  • Keep in its offices in a secure place a master set of all keys handed to the lessee
  • Attend to the replacement of all keys not handed back on termination of the lease.


  • If the Lessor or Landlord only requires our services in respect of letting of the premises then the Lessor accepts that e Property Solutions has no duty to collect the rental, inspect the Premises or attend to any other aspect of the lease. The Lessor must then personally ensure that all duties imposed on a lessor by the Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999 are complied with during the period of the lease and thereafter.
  • The Lessor needs to undertake to reimburse e Property Solutions for all expenses incurred in carrying out the Lessors instructions as agreed between the Lessor and e Property Solutions and authorise e Property Solutions to deduct such expenses from the rental, the deposit and or other monies collected from the Lessee. Any shortfall needs to be paid to e Property Solutions on demand.
  • e Property Solutions accepts no responsibility for any unpaid Municipal accounts left by tenants.
  • Rental to be paid directly into e Property Solutions bank account and the Lessor hereby authorises e Property Solutions to deduct the letting fee from the rental when payment thereof is made by e Property Solutions to the Lessor.


Once Off and Full Service Fees are available on request.

Keywords: Lease Administration, Lessee, Property Rental