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By: Dynapower  11-11-2011

At the heart of our power electronics package is an advanced modular inverter that is integrated into a single enclosure using multiple standard inverter modules as building blocks.  This approach allows for proper system sizing and seamless integration of additional inverters (up to 100MVA) when the needs of a facility or a substation grow.  With over 4 decades of industrial and utility system experience, Dynapower Corporation provides the highest quality power conversion equipment in the market.

The CPS is a 600VAC class, bi-directional, modular, Digital Signal Processor(DSP) controlled line of

grid-interconnected inverters ranging from 375 kVA to 1.5MVA

Applications & System Wide Benefits of Energy Storage & Power Electronics Integration:

o   Renewable Generation Value Enhancement

o   Substation Upgrade Deferral

o   Energy Arbitrage

o   Time-of-Use Energy Cost Reduction

o   Demand Charge Reduction

o   Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Upgrade Deferral

o   Transmission Support and Avoidance of Congestion Charges (Peak Demand   


o   Reduced Cost for T&D Losses

o   T&D Life Extension

o   Power Quality Improvement

o   Reduced Need for Generation Capacity

o   Frequency Regulation

Compact Power Systems (CPS)

For 600VAC class applications, Dynapower Corporation offers its Compact Power Systems (CPS) family of industrial grade, bi-directional, four-quadrant, DSP controlled inverter packages.  The inverter product includes integrated cooling, system controls as well as a full complement of switchgear including AC circuit breaker, AC contactor,  DC load break contactors (allowing for individual battery string isolation) and manual isolation switch, all housed in a rugged, heavy duty industrial enclosure.  This state of the art inverter optimizes the transfer of energy between a DC energy storage system and a 600VAC, 3 Phase line providing power conditioning for intermittent loads or renewable generation.

AC Voltage: 600VAC Class
DC Voltage: 750VDC-1250VDC
Power Range: 375 kVA - 1500 kVA Standard, four quadrant operation
Controls: Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based control system
Compliance: UL 1741, IEEE 519, IEEE 1547
Cooling: Liquid-cooled inverter modules and chokes
  Air-Cooled Enclosure
Features: Four Quadrant Operation
  Local or Remote Operation
  Zero Voltage Ride Through
  Anti-Islanding Protection
  Modular Redundancy
  Ultrafast system response
  Complete factory system testing
  Complete system certification
Response: Sub-Cycle Full System
Standard Overload: 150% for 10 Seconds.  Other overload options available

375 kVA Liquid Cooled bi-Directional Inverter Power Module and Inverter Controller (right)


Our PowerSkid design combines our state of the art inverter with Dynapower’s ULTRACAST cast coil transformer for connection to a medium voltage grid.  The PowerSkid also includes integrated cooling, system controls and a full complement of switchgear with an AC circuit breaker, AC contactor, DC load break contactors (allowing for individual battery string isolation) and DC disconnect, all housed within a rugged, heavy duty industrial walk-in enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Like the CPS bi-directional inverter system, the PowerSkid converts energy from renewable sources or the grid to a DC energy storage system.  Stored DC energy is then converted back to AC for direct transfer to the medium voltage, 3 Phase line. Dynapower Corporation’s PowerSkid coupled with an advanced battery storage system will play a key role in increasing the overall reliability and responsiveness of the grid with increased renewable integration. 

4.5 MVA PowerSkid System with integrated ULTRACAST cast coil transformer, system cooling & controls and AC & DC switchgear.


Output Voltage: 5kVAC, 15kVAC & 35kVAC Options
Input Voltage: 750VDC - 1250VDC
Power Range: 1.5MVA - 6.0MVA
Controls: Digital Signal Process (DSP) based control system
Transformer: ULTRACAST Cast Coil Transformer
Enclosure: IP55 Walk-In Enclosure
Compliance: UL 1741, IEEE 519, IEEE
Cooling: Liquid Cooled
Response: Sub-Cycle Full System
Features: Zero Voltage Ride Through
  Anti-Islanding Protection
Standard Overload: 150% for 10 Seconds.  Other overload options are available


The PowerSkid system is housed in an all-weather IP 55 walk-in style heavy duty, painted carbon enclosure designed for outdoor use.  It is well-insulated, thermostatically controlled with provisions for heating and cooling to maintain a controlled temperature environment in both summer and winter.


The base inverter system features liquid cooled power electronics and chokes and a medium voltage, air-cooled cast coil transformer.  A variety of liquid-to-liquid or air cooled options exist to provide our customers with an independent, sealed system requiring minimum infrastructure and maintenance for continuous operation.  Dynapower Corporation works closely with its customers to determine the best cooling options for a given ambient temperature and altitude.

Dry Type Epoxy Encapsulated Cast Coil Transformer

Dynapower Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of cast coil transformers for specialty applications.  The ULTRACAST process casts windings in a mold under vacuum, locking copper windings in a very strong, high dielectric, epoxy resin, protecting the transformer from electrical demands and severer environments.  This technology offers unparalleled mechanical strength by sealing the coils in an impervious casting of dielectric epoxy resulting in the most reliable and longest lasting transformer technology available. 

Our ULTRACAST transformers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI and IEEE standards, with other standards considered as required by individual customers.


Custom electrical and mechanical designs available for industrial and utility distribution applications.

  • 300 kVA to 10 MVA  standard range with other options available
  • 600 V to 34.5 kV class voltages
  • 10 to 150 kV basic impulse levels
  • 80° or 115° C temperature rise levels standard with other options available
  • All coils wound with copper conductors.
  • DuPont Nomex® UL recognized 220° C insulation system
  • Both primary and secondary windings cast in 200° C UL recognized epoxy
  • Mitre cut, cruciform, step lap core fabricated from grain oriented silicon steel standard,
  • Numerous NEMA and specialty enclosure options available
  • Nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) inspection and approval available