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By: Duvesco  11-11-2011
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Duvesco offers a turn-key service that encompasses the entire debt collections process. Our service comprises the following:

Soft collections call centreWe run all matters through our call centre to minimise legal costs. Our experience is that most debtors prefer an informal settlement procedure to litigation.Legal procedure Difficult or recalcitrant debtors are dealt with by our legal department. We have a dedicated litigation team that handles these matters.Hard copy pick ups

We do collections of files from your place of business. We guarantee a turnaround time of 48 hours on the collections of files.Electronic hand over of files If you wish to use electronic means to hand over files you may send them in any electronic format or use our web page facility to simply fill in the information.Credit bureau listings

We manage the listing and removal of debtors at the major credit bureaus at our cost.Legal advice

We help clients with the drafting of legal documents and give on-line advice where difficult legal problems arise in relation to debtors. For example:
  • Dealing with minors, divorced debtors, refusing treatment to debtors who are in arrears, dealing with consumer bodies and statutory bodies etc
  • Overseeing documents such as application forms for admission to schools or colleges, terms and conditions of treatment, terms and conditions for admission as a patient, checking documents for compliance with the National Credit Act.

Management reports

We provide management reports as follows:
  • Monthly debtor's list
  • Distribution report of funds collected and paid out
  • Reconciliation report
  • Data confirmation report per handover


Our fees are determined as a percentage of the capital collected. The fee varies from client to client, the main differentiating factors being:

  • Volume and number of files
  • Age of the debt
  • Complexity of the collections
  • Quality of information supplied by the creditor client.

For a quotation please contact the sales representative in your area.

No collection no fee We collect at our own risk. Should we fail to collect any funds on a specific account, we absorb the costs. You do not receive an account for wasted costs.

Keywords: Debtors