DREHMO-Standard Actuators

By: Drehmo Actuators  11-11-2011
Keywords: Switches, Actuators, Limit Switches

..for the use at motor control units.

Standard Actuators for conventional sytems, parallel hard wired signals. Torque and position measurement by microswitch. Intermediate position via conductive plastic potentiometer and analogue position transducer.

Integration into central control system (DCS)

If conventional actuators which are fitted only with passive components like limit and torque switches, a flash-contact and eventually with an analogue position transducer have to be integrated in a complete control system efficiently, additional external electrical equipment is required as well at the control and command level as for the power supply.

This additional equipment consists of:

  • reversing contactors
  • PLC (hardware and software units)
  • auxiliary voltage supplys (for heaters, contactors and signals)
  • external local controls
  • positioner

The installation of these central located components for controlling and switching necessitates a high additional expenditure for:

  • cabinets for switch gear devices (MCC)
  • commissioning
  • project work (hardware and software)
  • additional buildings
  • documentation of the whole system

Electrical and mechanical control devices

Legend: DR1, DR11: Torque switches for closing direction (c.w. rotation); DL2, DL21: Torque switches for opening direction (c.c.w rotation); WR1, WR11: Limit switches for closing direction (c.w. rotation); WL2, WL21: Limit switches for opening direction (c.c.w. rotation); W5-W8, W51, W61: Limit switches for intermediate positions; BL: Flasher; B1: Single resistance transducer; B1+B2: Dual resistance transducer; B3 Electronic position transducer; S1: Selector switch Local-0-Remote; S2: Control switch Open-Stop-Close; E1: Heater; SA: Mechan. position indicator.

..with reliable valve actuators.

Keywords: Actuators, Limit Switches, Switches, Torque Switches

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