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By: Dreamweavers  11-11-2011

June 2nd, 2007

We cut all the wood ourselves out in the bush, using only alien species like the blue gum, spider gum etc. They are then ground and sanded to ensure there are no splinters, and then treated with boron that prevents  insect infestation. We then apply a sealer(envirotouch pronature out door) to preserve it, this sealer should be applied once a year.

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DreamWeavers » Swings

Perfect for your tree in the garden, your jungle gym or even hung from a beam inside your house. We highly recommend that you liedown on it and have some one spin you for the full effect. These come in two sizes - for one child - a small six pointed star with the web inside. Children love the rocking feeling with something to hold on to(hung on chain. These are made out of natural tree branches and woven with strong rope.


DreamWeavers » Jungle Gyms

It has built in dream catcher seats, a climbing wall, monkey bars come bridge, a fireman’s pole, a spinner, a treasure box and a phoofyslide. We can make a solid structure up in your tree, but if you don’t have one, we will create a space as high off the ground as you want. It has a blue gum deck and a rustic pine wall that reaches all the way to the ground. This one has four solid tree trunks cemented into the ground.


DreamWeavers » Play Structures

If you have a nice climbing tree in your garden, we can make it more accessible with a ladder and weave comfortable webs in to it without harming the tree itself. Here is a small jungle gym by the pool it has monkey bars,climbing wall and a swing to swing into the pool nice for very small yards. Our phoofy slides are made of strong sailing rope or 10mm cable and a professional phoofy slide attachment.