Baby Blessing - Dragons Of Light

By: Dragons Of Light  11-11-2011

Shamanic Baby Blessing is a very powerful protection given to a baby at birth.  The art of giving this gift to children when they enter the world has been almost forgotten for hundreds of years, and therefore is almost unknown in modern society.  A true linage shamanic baby blessing bestows a shield of love and light on the child, which in everyday-speak means: the negativity of the world cannot reach the child to affect him or her.  

Parents who have given this gift to their children, find that being a parent is easier, from their children having almost no temper tantrums, to being able to communicate their needs more clearly from a much earlier age.  The benefits of this blessing will last your child their entire life, as the shield or protection that the child receives will provide ongoing protection, minimising the impact of negativity, peer-pressure, and societal demands and conventions.

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