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By: Doregos Fast Foods  11-11-2011

DoRego’s Fast Foods aggressive marketing strategy has led us to diversify and expand into home, office and social areas where deliveries has become a great part of our business.

Add to that the concept on which our business is based and the excellent service standards, and it becomes evident why DoRego’s Fast Foods have enjoyed such unprecedented growth.

DoRego’s Fast Foods stores does do deliveries within walking distance of any store, but when out of reach  we were possible to have a competent and service orientated company, Mr. Delivery to take care of the delivery services for us at a minimum service charge to our clients. The DoRego’s menu is available by Mr. Delivery at the same prices DoRego’s Fast Foods would charge our clients in store. Only a minimal Mr. Delivery service charges are to be added.

When dealing with larger orders we handle them ourselves as to ensure that competitiveness and quality reins. Contact our offices for a quote!

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DoRegos Fast Foods Services in Bloemfontein

Be sure to take advantage of any delivery options when planning your next big catered event so that you are certain that the food will be there on time and delivered fresh to your event.Popular menu items that DoRego’s offers are the wide variety of platters for its customers.


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We soon realized that due to the diversity of DoRego’s Fast Foods Platters we were catering for Schools, Law firms, Accountant, Building Contractors, Banks, Car Dealers and only to mention some. At first the business sector was targeted as we perceived it to be for this market that had the needs for a DoRego’s Fast Foods Platters.