Recurring Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

By: Direct Payment Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Credit Card, Billing Solutions, Batch Processor

Payment Expressallows merchants to automate recurring transactions quickly, simply and most importantly securely eliminating the need to store sensitive credit card data.

Payline® recurring

Merchants can logon to DPS Payment Manager, then simply setup and manage recurring payments.

Merchant Recurring

DPS provide API’s which facilitate token / recurring billing via the Customer or 3rd party application.

Typically this is done in 2 stages:

Setup Phase – Application securely authorises a transaction via PX API and DPS provides an real time response with a Token / BillingID which Customer can store and use to recharge the card for subsequent transactions.

DPS Hosted Recurring

Merchant Hosted Recurring

Batch Recurring

Using the Batch Processor developers can integrate recurring billing solutions suitable for monthly processing of large of amounts of transactions. The batch processor can also be used with the DPS Hosted Payment Package to ensure PCI compliance.

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Keywords: Batch Processor, Billing Solutions, Credit Card,

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Providing call centres and merchants that accept mail and telephone orders a secure, efficient portal for processing credit card transactions. Plug a PIN pad directly into the USB port of your computer and instantly processes EFTPOS transactions securely over the internet. You will be able to receive payments all through your after hour and holiday periods without the overhead costs.


Online credit card processing for Ecommerce Solutions

Payment Express is the suite of software solutions that allows you to streamline online credit card processing. Supports 3D verification with authentication of "Verified by Visa" & "MasterCard SecureCode". Accepting Payments via your own custom built Payment Page. Accepting Payments using the DPS Hosted Payments Page.


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Paying bills by credit card using a touch-phone is now an accepted and trusted system, and is regularly used by councils, banks and retail businesses for the payment of utilities, fees, licenses, fines, subscriptions and orders. Telepay, the DPS fully automated payment system captures the card data and deposits the funds into your bank account. Interactive Voice Response can help to cut your overheads down.


Batch prcessor - Process large numbers of transactions quickly and effortlessly

It has been specifically designed to support organizations that do regular billing for the same or variable amounts and do not want the compliance cost or risk of storing sensitive card details. The Batch Processor also comes with the Payment Manager™ for processing all manual payments , refunds and for generating reports to name a few of its functions.


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