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By: Dinnermates  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cheese, cocktail

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Cocktail Products Beef Regular Size
Code Product Packing
Meat Balls 2.5 kg (+-100x25gr) 2.5 kg
Cocktail MiniVetkoek and Mince 80
Cocktail Beef Sausage 2.5kg
Cocktail Meat Balls 5kg (approx 20-22 gram / ball)
Premium Cocktail Balls 2.5kg ( 20-25 gram each)
Beef Samoosa 100x23g
Beef Wellington 80
Cheese Meat Balls 2.5 kg (approx 20-25 gr each)
Cocktail Beef Kebab 90 (Peach, Pear, Prune & Onion)
Keftedes Greek Meat Ball 100
Cocktail Beef Satay 60
C/T Savoury Mince Pies 50x30gr
C/T Bobotie Pies 50x30gr
Bobotie Bites 100x30gr
Cocktail Beef Sausage Rolls 150x35gr
Small Mince Samoosas 100x30gr
Cocktail Products Chicken
Code Product Packing
Chicken Bites 200x25g
Chicken Samoosa 100x25g
Chicken Kebab 60x50g
Cheesy Bites 2.5 kg - 100 items
Spicy Chicken Wings Mixed approx 70
Chicken Dim Sum 200
Marinated Chicken Peach Kebab 90
Cocktail Chicken Satay 60
Chicken and Mushroom pies 75x40gr
Cocktail Chicken Wellington 60x45gr
Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu 70x32-35gr
Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu with Pastrami 70x32-35 gr
Chicken Fingers 200x25g
Chicken and Cheese Bites 140x35g
C/T Barbeque Chicken Golden Pockets 90x30gr
Chicken Tikka and Rice Croquette 100x30gr
Small Chicken Samoosas 100x30gr
Sweet/Sour Chicken Wings approx 70
Drummy dips 2.4 kg (approx 38 gr per pc)
Lemon and Herb Chicken Fingers approx 125x20gr
Peri Peri Chicken Wings approx 70
Honeyglaze Wings approx 70
Cocktail Products Combination Boxes Regular Size
Code Product Packing
Cocktail Pastry Platter Box 6x20 Mustard/Cheese/Spicy Beef/Chicken Tikka/Caban
Combo Meat Platter 20 each D13 Chicken Cheesy Balls, 20 D04 Chicken Bites, 20 DW2 Peri-Peri Wings, 20 D133 Honey and Mustard Chicken Kebabs, 20 D134 Lemon and Herb Chicken Kebabs
Cocktail Value Combo Pack 90 (3x30 Meat Balls, Dim Sum, Mini Samoosas)
Cocktail Spring roll 75+75
Party Pastries 4x25
Golden Pockets 90x30g
Prune and Bacon/Chicken Liver and Bacon rolls 90x30gr
Cocktail Kebabs Combo 90
Mediterranean Platter Combo 3x24=72 (Spanakopita, Tiropitakia, Keftes)
Mini Combo Quiche 25 leek & celery, 25 spinach & cheese, 25 mushroom
Portuguese Rissoles 100
Chicken Snack Combo 3x1kg (Nuggets, Fingers & Cheese Bites)
Assorted Savoury Cocktail Pies 50 (10 chicken, 10 curry chicken, 10 savoury mince
Cocktail Products Fish
Code Product Packing
Thai Fish Balls 2x50
Fish Bites 5 kg (200 bites)
Cocktail Products Lamb Regular Size
Code Product Packing
Cocktail Coriander Lamb croquettes 80x30g
Lamb Kofta 60
Cocktail Products Pastry Regular Size
Code Product Packing
Cocktail Veg. Pizza Fingers 48
Spinach and Bacon Roulade 75x25g
Pizza Swirls 120
Cocktail Vol-au-vent 180
Cornish Pastries 50x30gr
Cocktail Chicken Sausage Roll 150
Pasteis de Nata (Natas) 50x40gr
Cocktail Cheese Puffs 150
Cocktail Beef Sausage Roll 150
Cocktail Pizza Fingers 48
Cocktail Products Vegetarian Regular Size
Code Product Packing
C/T Cheese & Onion Samoosas 100x23gr
C/T Cheese & Corn Samoosas 100x23gr
Cocktail Jelapino Cheese Rissoles 100
Spinach and Feta Quiche 60x60g
Crumbed Haloumi 100
Cocktail Vegetable Samoosa 100x25g
Cocktail Cheese & Onion Samoosas 100
Smoked Mozzarella Cheese Balls 120
Potato Croquette 100
Tiropitakia 96 (Tiropitakia = Greek Cheese Phyllo Rolls) Feta and Ricotta cheese mint herbs and seasoning in Phyllo rolls
Potato Cheese Balls 50x30gr
Spanakopita 96
Small Cheese and Onion Samoosas 100x30gr
Small Cheese & Corn Samoosas 100x30gr
Small Vegetable Samoosas 100x30gr
Small Potato Samoosas 100x30gr
Cheese & Onion Spring Roll 60x40gr
Cocktail Products Pork
Code Product Packing
Bacon and Egg Springroll 120
Vienna wrapped in Bacon 100
Cocktail Cheese Grillers 2.5 kg
Bacon and Liver Rolls 2x50
Cocktail Viennas 2.5 kg (+-40=1kg)
Spare Ribs 5kg
Bacon Pancake 60
Ham and Cheese Golden Pockets 90x30gr
Chippolata Sausage 2,5kg (100x25g)
Small Cheese & Salami Samoosas 100x30gr
C/T Cheese Grillers in Pastry 100

Keywords: Cheese, cocktail