Digital Anarchy Releases Primatte Chromakey 5.0 for Speedy Batch Processing of Green Screen Images

By: Digital Anarchy  11-11-2011
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San Francisco, CA — June 6, 2011 —

"With this release of Primatte, we aimed to make life easier for photographers who shoot a lot of green screen images," said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy. "In particular, the AutoMask feature has been significantly improved and gives a high success rate when batch processing high volumes of images."

Primatte 5.0 has great new features for all photographers, but the software really excels when used in high volume environments. A redesigned AutoMask tool gives a high success rate and easier functionality when batch processing large numbers of photographs. Smarter algorithms help Primatte to identify the background color, automatically key it out and remove color spill without any user interaction. New Backdrop and Overlay features add custom backgrounds and logos directly inside Primatte for a speedier workflow. The powerful AutoMask and new compositing features in Primatte 5.0 give fast, high quality results for any artist doing blue or green screen photography.

The new features of Primatte 5.0 include:

  • Improved AutoMask: The AutoMask algorithm has been improved so keying is easier on every image and especially benefits high volume batch processing.
  • Successful Batching: Better auto-masking results in a very high success rate when batch processing large groups of photographs.
  • Add in Backdrops: New Backdrop feature adds in custom backgrounds within Primatte so there is no need to composite in Photoshop.
  • Add in Overlays: New Overlay feature adds text or a logo for easy customer branding directly within Primatte and a speedier workflow overall.  
  • Simple Transforms: The subject, backdrop or overlay can be moved, scaled and rotated with simple Transform controls.
  • Fix Uneven Lighting: New Fix Lighting tool helps with better keying around wrinkles, hotspots and shadows in unevenly lit screens.
  • Better Light Wrap: Improved Light Wrap feature gives more realistic compositing of keyed subject against a custom background.
  • Simplified Interface: A cleaner, simplified UI makes Primatte more intuitive and easier to use.

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Keywords: Green Screen

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