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By: Diamonex  11-11-2011
Keywords: Ion Beam, Ion Beam Deposition

MTC Diamonex have consistently been at the forefront of the hard coating technology with innovative breakthroughs that have pioneered deposition systems such as our proprietary CD SOURCE™ ion beam equipment and other ion beam processes.

The usage of our deposition systems covers numerous industries and applications, for instance our ion beam processes are ideal for depositing diamond –like carbon onto optical products such as sunwear, they have also been used within the computing and medical industries.

CD SOURCE is the name given to our proprietary ion beam deposition systems and has been developed since the mid 1990s in response to internal manufacturing demands. Since this time the CD SOURCE™ offering has been gradually expanded and is now regarded as one of the world’s leading deposition systems. It is currently being used in applications such as substrate cleaning, etching, direct deposition and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition.

At MTC Diamonex we are continuously developing and improving our deposition systems and particularly our ion beam processes. It is by applying the considerable technical knowledge of our experts that we are able to find innovative solutions to difficult coating challenges, serving the needs of a wide range of industries and consistently delivering added value to our customers.

Keywords: Ion Beam, Ion Beam Deposition

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