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By: Diamonex  11-11-2011
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Diamondshield® is part of the family of patented diamond-like carbon (DLC) and related superhard coatings from MTC Diamonex, the world leading developer and supplier of diamond-like coatings. Diamondshield® has extreme diamond-like properties of high hardness, optical transparency, high chemical and electrical resistance, elasticity and low friction.


Whether optical performance or cosmetic appearance is important Diamondshield® has exceptional transparency, even at a 10-micron thickness on multi-dimensional parts. With a very low index of refraction and virtually no absorption in the visible, Diamondshield® is the ideal performance and appearance enhancing coating.


Plastics or soft materials are ideal for many applications but these materials suffer functionally and cosmetically from poor wear resistance. Diamondshield® provides previously unattainable abrasion resistance, equal to that of bulk glass, enabling high-load durability to traditionally damage-prone materials.

Material Properties

Hardness - 2-3 GPa (vs Polymer hardcoats 0.2-0.5 GPa)
Friction Coefficient - 0.3 (vs Polymer hardcoats 0.7, glass 0.6)
Extensibility - 1.5-2% (vs Polymer hardcoats 0.5-1%)
Hydrophobicity - 70-100 degress water contact angle
Chemical Resistance - solvents, most acids and bases
Weatherability - > 3,600 hours in QUV A/B
Dielectric Constant - 4

Physical Properties

Diamondshield® has a unique combination of physical and performance characteristics that make it the most advanced coating available for soft substrates. Additionally these characteristics are being customized to provide low friction, hydrophobic, protective and electrically insulating surfaces.

Keywords: coatings

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