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By: Dial A Nerd  11-11-2011
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Networking your home or business computers allows you to share files, printers and internet connections to get the most out of your computer resources. We'll set up your network from scratch, installing cabling, network cards and all the hardware devices you'll need to connect your computers together.  We can also set up wireless so that anyone nearby can be connected to your network, whether they are sitting on the couch relaxing, in the kitchen looking up recipes online or in the study finishing an important project or assignment.

Networks are set up so you can share computing resources such as files, printers and Internet connections or just allow two people to play games against each other. The biggest role of a network in homes and small businesses is the sharing of Internet access. For instance you may have the phone line in the living room but one computer in the bedroom and a laptop you want to use while watching TV.

For most people computer networks can be set up in one of three ways: cabled Ethernet, Wireless or Ethernet over power. Each of these methods have various pro's and con's and can be customized by a Nerd to ensure the right mix of stability, speed and affordability. As we are not all fortunate enough to have our very own network administrator or live-in Nerd, you will probably need to Dial a Nerd to get things set up.

Dial a Nerd is able to build and support networks of up to 10 computers - anything bigger than that and our Dial a Nerd Business division can help you out. We have a skilled and affordable team of professionals that can help you design, implement and maintain your network. From firewalls, file and back-up servers to cheap home networks or advanced mail servers, whatever the need - we have you covered!

With the decreased cost of laptops and broadband, wireless networks are extremely popular. If you ever work from home you’ll benefit from a wireless network that lets you work from any room in the house or even by the pool. An added benefit is the loss of all those unsightly cables!

So give us a call and find out how we can help. Dial a Nerd: because Nerds know computers!

Keywords: Homes And Small Businesses, Small Businesses

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