Computer Hardware Support | PC Hardware Troubleshooting

By: Dial A Nerd  11-11-2011

Every computer has a complex system of circuits and electronics making sure that when you switch it on, you can do everything that you want to do. Sometimes your hardware can fail unexpectedly because of power surges, faulty manufacture, heat damage or just plain old age. The good news is that nerds know hardware, so when something pops inside your machine, we can find the problem and repair or replace the faulty hardware that ruined your day. We have tools to analyse each component for small flaws that can go unnoticed, and we have the logical problem solving skills to identify faulty parts quickly and effectively.

If your computer is behaving erratically, like freezing, resetting or crashing randomly, then you may have a hardware problem. Some common hardware problems are:

  • An overheating CPU – this can be caused by dust clogging your fans. Sometimes a clean-up will fix this but often a new fan is needed.
  • Crashing hard drive – this can be caused by old age, bad quality hardware, or an abrupt knock while the PC is on. A new hard drive is essential as data, once lost, is often irreplaceable. If you suspect a crashing hard drive please back up your data immediately as a problem like this can often get worse.
  • ‘Blown’ motherboard – this happens when there is too much sustained heat inside your case or you have bad quality parts. In Johannesburg it is most often caused by lightning or electrical surges.

If you think you have a hardware problem,

and we'll identify the fault and fix it before it can cause more problems. Dial a Nerd, because nerds know computers.

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