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By: Di-nostix  11-11-2011

IT Infrastructure Management Solutions

Although Di-Nostix is a distributor of a variety of software tool sets, our business is designed around a service delivery model rather than the products used to deliver them. The biggest challenge organizations face is the costs associated with solutions such as these. Although these solutions add significant value to the effective management of IT infrastructures they can in many cases be quite expensive and this prevents organizations to change their focus point as the costs of the tools are significantly higher than the services associated with them.

In order to overcome this, Di-Nostix has decided to completely change its strategy and operate differently from what is considered as the norm. In order for this to be effective, our company had to engage on a unique basis with our customers.

Di-Nostix have therefore designed an effective service delivery model which is much more cost effective to the market and still offers the superior levels of service around the effective management, interpretation and analysis of corporate infrastructures through the use of existing solutions deployed at customer sites.

One of the major challenges in the Information Technology and Communication sectors is the establishment of value added and effective solutions to customers. The solutions we are proposing centers around a cost-effective, proudly South African initiative, which is based on a variety of tool sets. Di-Nostix focuses more on a service delivery model where the tool sets are included in the service bundle, eliminating the need for our customers to further invest. Organizations can now enjoy the same benefits through a service model than what the purchase of the tools would have offered, without the need to invest in the tools, training costs of maintaining them and expensive resources to utilize it to its fullest potential.

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Di-Nostix Services

MANAGEMENT•Configuration management of infrastructure devices - Di-Nostix offers a service where periodic device function analysis is conducted to ensure that configurations are set up for optimum performance and that all configurations comply with industry best standards and company policies.