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This page outlines the services that form part of the Di-Nostix portfolio and outlines the in depth service offerings. We also have a number of separate document sand info pages specific to the areas being addressed which cover the pricing structure that is applied to offer these services effectively and profitably.

Di-Nostix specializes in services including support, monitoring and maintenance of IT Infrastructure in contracted accounts. For the duration of the contract, value added services and reports are provided to these customers resulting in the optimization and enhancements of their communications environments.

A number of methodologies are followed to assist organizations in ensuring that certain business critical areas are enhanced and optimized for the sustainability and growth of revenue streams. Optimization of critical applications, for example, will result in end users and branches increasing application performance and therefore result in a more productive environment.

Most organizations can increase revenues and manage spend by focusing on the service delivery of the IT infrastructure and make the necessary changes on focused areas where it is most needed. This allows for organizations to make informed decisions on where costs need to be allocated to ensure that the IT environment expands in areas most beneficial.

The IMS is responsible for the monitoring of networks in accounts for alarms or certain conditions that may require special attention to avoid a negative impact on the infrastructure’s performance. For example, power failures, communication line alarms (such as bit errors, framing errors, line coding errors, and circuits down) and other performance issues that may affect the network. Our IMS analyzes problems, performs troubleshooting, communicates with site technicians and tracks problems through to resolution. Responsibilities tasked to the on-site service delivery team will be handled from the IMS after hours.

The IMS renders services that are unique and are more advanced than what the common Network Operation Centers (NOCs) generally offer. Normally the NOC will purely monitor and alert, and this is where the IMS is completely different. All services that are usually rendered by on-site service delivery staff can also be delivered through the IMS, when connectivity allows. This allows Di-Nostix to operate in more economic manner that enables us to offer more competitive pricing structures to our customers.

The IMS staff perform assessments of data links and application performance during all hours and scan for areas where we can identify focus areas and probable areas of concern, notify customers and make recommendations in advance..


Infrastructure devices and utilization – These include the device resources within the entire infrastructure and is inclusive of up / down status. The resource utilization monitoring includes CPU, Memory, Interface data volumes, buffers etc. We monitor all SNMP capable devices such as Servers, Desktops, Printers, Routers, Switches and even devices in virtual environments.

Infrastructure devices and utilization – These include the device resources within the entire infrastructure and is inclusive of up / down status. The resource utilization monitoring includes CPU, Memory, Interface data volumes, buffers etc. We monitor all SNMP capable devices such as Servers, Desktops, Printers, Routers, Switches and even devices in virtual environments.

Application availability - When a device is available, it does not mean that the service rendered by that device is also available. We monitor both the availability of the device and the services delivered by it. For instance, when a mail server replies to a query, it does not mean the services on the server hosting the mail are also active. Not having this information can result in hours of wasted troubleshooting processes.

Escalations - Flags are sent to the correct business units and handled accordingly. All escalations are closely monitored to ensure that proper actions are taken and that the resolutions implemented are effective and completed within the agreed time frames.

Service Level Agreements are actively monitored, allowing organizations to verify the performance of 3rd party vendors and get a “true” data set on the performance of devices and service levels. By being pro‐active and monitoring SLA's before they expire can assist the organization to ensure that services are kept within expected levels.

Infrastructure links - The WAN is monitored to identify the utilization of applications across the infrastructure. Utilization issues can cause severe performance issues and timely identification of these issues can add to sustainable and productive communications, minimizing the risk of downtime.


Configuration management of infrastructure devices - Di-Nostix offers a service where periodic device function analysis is conducted to ensure that configurations are set up for optimum performance and that all configurations comply with industry best standards and company policies. The most common causes of inconsistent communications are related to configurations. Ensuring best practices are implemented can greatly improve productivity without incurring additional investments.

Architecture and Design management - Di-Nostix consults on the architecture and design of a variety of infrastructure solutions. Very few companies have an up to date accurate architecture diagram of their infrastructures, which is imperative to understanding how best the environment should be managed and configured. Di-Nostix delivers detailed architecture diagrams to any organization of any size and can ensure that these diagrams are kept up to date constantly on a long-term basis. We also assist with the design and architecture of infrastructure solutions to ensure that the implementations are done according to best practices to ensure a stable and effective deployment.

SLA Management – Independent monitoring of Service Level Agreements and whether vendors are meeting the agreed levels of service. The SLA management will also allow companies to analyze what type of service agreements to negotiate and to determine how service levels are actively delivered prior to agreements being negotiated.

Project Management Services – The project staff of Di-Nostix have collectively been active in the IT industry for over 100 years. Our staff members have been involved with the management of significant projects for large enterprise sized environments in a variety in sectors, which include government, financial, mining, parastatal and corporate. With our project managers on site we guarantee only the highest quality of solutions, within time and within budget.

Business process management (BPM) is a management approach focused on aligning all aspects of an organization with the wants and needs of clients. An holistic management approach that promotes your business’ effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology is utilized. Business process management aims to improve processes continuously. It could therefore be described as a "process optimization process”. BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.


Infrastructure Performance – Di-Nostix offers a performance analysis service that shows organizations how business critical applications perform across their infrastructure. Metrics such as Response Times, Data Volumes, Quality of Service Policies and Utilization Percentages are reported on to indicate the performance of the entire infrastructure where the physical network backbone, the data centers and applications are converged to form the communication environment.

Application Performance - A complete analysis service is offered where application flows and performance are monitored over a period of time. This service can integrate into the on-site service delivery scope, where a constant analysis of application flows and performance is monitored. This allows for an immediate detection of degradation of application performance and allows for alerts and notifications to be activated once this occurs. This service also assists in the identification of bottlenecks and various other situations that might cause performance issues. This service offers a unique opportunity to effectively identify any communication issues, where these issues are then escalated to the area that can most effectively resolve the issues at hand, and eliminate the finger pointing which is often experienced between large corporate silos.

Application Trending – We identify the traffic paths of specific applications and how they traverse the infrastructure. We show how applications split up into the Data Centrex and identify the servers that host applications and how these applications utilize them. The traffic analysis will show the traffic flows between front end and back end servers and identify issues such as miss-configured paths, routing issues or redundancy flows. In many cases the end user experiences bad communications due to data flows being miss-configured or servers that just can’t handle the load. Identifying these issues can enable quick resolution of the problems that many organizations often struggle to identify without the proper tool sets.

Application Profiling – Before applications are deployed on the infrastructure it is imperative to know the infrastructure requirements of the application to allow for proper communications. Di-Nostix will analyze the application and report on the infrastructure requirements of the application, how it can be expected to communicate across the infrastructure and whether the environment will be able to support the additional load. We also monitor any new deployments from the initiation phase, assisting with the identification of any communication issues or bottlenecks that can immediately be acted upon.

Bandwidth Scoping – When application requirements are established, bandwidth scoping allows for the analysis of the network itself and whether the network will be able to sustain the effective service delivery of the application across it. Bandwidth Scoping does an analysis of the health of the network and is used to determine if newly deployed applications will behave optimally.

Application Deployment – Because there are so many variable factors, large application deployments across organizations need to be constantly monitored to confirm whether the deployment is still being executed successfully and whether the data centers hosting such applications are coping with the load and requirements of the new application/s. This function also identifies the success of the various deployments and allows organizations to determine whether the return on investment is what it was expected to be.


Because Di-Nostix deploys solutions that continuously monitor the entire IT environment, we can also be asked to report on our results at any time. Our reports include information about device availability, utilization of various device metrics, performance results or problems that we have encountered during the analysis functions we engage in.
These reports assist organizations with the information required to analyze whether the infrastructures are operating as per the requirements and specifications outlined by the business. These reports also assist organizations by replacing many mundane administrative tasks, enabling your resources to more effectively focus on areas within the environment where they can add the most value.


Application optimization technologies are extremely fast growing applications that allow organizations to maximize their IT infrastructure productivity. WAN speeds are optimized to communicate at LAN speeds and the reduction of bandwidth utilization is an area where organizations can typically save most on resources. Di-Nostix offers a unique service by assisting organizations with the architecture, implementation and management of their Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solution. A complete analysis of the environment is done prior to the deployment that ensures that the scoping is done correctly. After the implementation we will report on the performance differences that the Cisco WAAS offers and highlight any return on investment.

Di-Nostix will also assist organizations that would like to do a Proof of Concept (PoC) prior to making the final decision by demonstrating what benefits the technology will bring to the organization in their own environment. It is imperative to understand the environment before such technologies are deployed and also to identify specific areas where the deployment will have the best impact and show the highest return on investment.

Di-Nostix has the resources to manage the complete Cisco WAAS environment and to ensure that the optimization profiles are correctly configured and applied for optimum performance of the IT environment. Di-Nostix can constantly monitor the optimized infrastructure and the devices used to achieve this, verifying that the implementation was done according to the standards set and that the optimization is performing as expected. We will engage in any Cisco WAAS deployment during any stage as we have found that customers have a significant need around the effective management and reporting functions where Cisco WAAS deployments are concerned.


Company’s infrastructures continuously change by having devices added or removed or relocated in order to allow for the organizational reorganization, or to cater for more effective communications. This service monitors all devices on the infrastructure on a constant basis and verifies that all devices are still connected where they are supposed to be connected and that the configurations of these devices comply with the set standards those organizations expect their devices to comply to.

An audit is done on all devices that indicates whether the configurations are compliant to the standards of the organization or to the vendors set guidelines. We can also monitor the devices and determine whether any configuration changes were made to any device without following the proper processes. Should unauthorized changes take place, they are easily changed back to their previous configurations by retrieving them from the configuration database stored.

Assessing the infrastructure when a change has taken place and to determine whether the change made to the infrastructure had a positive or negative impact, adds the value to our monitoring services. D-‐Di-Nostix will manage the inventory of the infrastructure and ensure all devices are registered, documented and controlled within the environment. Often devices are installed without the organization’s approval, or get lost amongst the thousands of devices found in large complex environments.


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Although these solutions add significant value to the effective management of IT infrastructures they can in many cases be quite expensive and this prevents organizations to change their focus point as the costs of the tools are significantly higher than the services associated with them.