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By: Desktop Scientific  11-11-2011
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DADiSP 6.5 - The Ultimate Engineering Spreadsheet

New DADiSP SRS 2.0 Shock Response Spectrum ModuleDADiSP/SRS is a menu driven module designed for the analysis of the Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). SRS Analysis is a useful tool in minimizing the potential damage to a component due to shock. SRS is employed in industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, Department of Defense and ordnance evaluation.Given acceleration time history data, the SRS module allows the user to choose from a variety of industry standard analysis methods and select the desired frequency range and spacing. The damping ratio or Q factor is also adjustable.

Key Features

· Simple Dialog Box User Interface

·   Ramp Invariant (Smallwood) Step Response

·   Impulse Invariant Impulse Response

·   Bilinear Transform Frequency Response

·   Whole Octave Frequency Spacing

·   Fractional (1/N) Octave Frequency Spacing

·   Linear Frequency Spacing

·   Adjustable Damping Ratio / Q Factor

New SRS 2.0 Features

· Absolute Maximum Response

· Maximum Magnitude Response

· Minimum Magnitude Response

· Positive Response

· Negative Response

DADiSP® 6.5 Top Ten New Features

DADiSP 6.5 includes a number of exciting new features and enhancements. The majority of these changes and improvements are the direct result of customer requests and interaction.

New Stripchart Facility
DADiSP 6.5 supports the display and processing of multi-column data plotted like a familiar stripchart recorder. Properties such as trace color, axes placement and color attributes are easily specified. Calculations on a stripchart extend to each trace and automatically yield a corresponding output stripchart. Load entire Datasets or any combination of individual Series into one or more stripchart views.  

Integrated MATLAB® Code Execution

The DADiSP (included in DADiSP 6.5)

provides a seamless interface for executing MATLAB code directly from DADiSP. DADiSP 6.5 processes any built-in or custom MATLAB functions or scripts just as if they were native DADiSP functions. MATLAB and DADiSP functions can be freely mixed and DADiSP 6.5 immediately plots series and array results from MATLAB. MATLINK hot-links MATLAB code inside a DADiSP Worksheet such that dependent functions automatically update in response to source data changes .

Extended Graphic Objects and Manipulation


Visual Data Editing
A mouse-based data editing and clipping facility supports freehand visual editing of any data Series. Manually remove outilers or edit specific sections of data with pen-like mouse movements and optionally limit data to a visually specified clipping line or clip box.


SPL Extensions

Integrated SPL Debugger

Expanded Documentation
The DADiSP 6.5 Function Reference has been significantly expanded and enhanced. Examples from the on-line help files can be cut and pasted directly into a DADiSP Worksheet for immediate evaluation. Mathematical background information and algorithm details are provided for many functions and routines.

Updated Dataset and Series GUI

Streamlined Dataset and Series interface allows any Dataset or combination of Series to be loaded into separate Windows or into a single Window as a multi-channel stripchart. Easily examine Series properties and select target Windows and stripchart plotting options from a uniform GUI.



Improved Hardcopy
DADiSP 6.5 automatically adjusts the Worksheet or Window for maximum utilization of a printer's graphics capabilities. Add Worksheet title and footer labels to further annotate output results. Specify plot attributes such as color, margin alignment, borders and text justification through simple Print Preview dialogs.

And 100+ New Functions

Keywords: engineering

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