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By: Debt Sage  11-11-2011
Keywords: debt, Debt Counselling, Financial Distress

Research has shown that many employees are now taking the opportunity of low interest rates to try and pay off as much of their debts as possible. In this respect, further interest rate cuts and income tax relief would relatively ease the severity of problem of financial distress.

Impact of employee financial distress on productivity

Employees burdened by personal financial problem spend time at their place of work worrying about personal finances and dealing with financial issues instead of working. These range from taking calls from creditors, lenders, paying personal bills, talking to co-workers about their financial problems and absenteeism at work etc.

An employee with personal financial problems very often is living from paycheck by paycheck, with numerous micro loans and accounts in arrears. The motivational factor making organisations look at the issue of employee debt is the problem of stress that individuals are facing resulting in low morale and productivity.

Organisations can make it a lifetime responsibility to protect themselves as well as their employees against this problem by investing in programs  to help minimize employee debt which include providing easy and quality workplace financial education, allocating 1 hour of working time per month for employees to manage their finances etc.

The benefit of offering such programs is showing employees that the organisation does care about their staff which improves morale. Organisations need to take steps to curb the severity of the personal debt problem and its consequences.

Debt Sage offers budgeting and debt counselling services for corporate employees. If you are an employer and you feel that your employees may benefit from these programs call us today.

Keywords: debt, Debt Counselling, Financial Distress

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Debt Counseling - Debt Counselling - Debt Counselling Services - Debt Counselling Cape Town

This Act provides for consumers to go through debt counselling before filing for other debt relief measures such as debt administration and insolvency which have a devastating effect in terms of crippling future borrowing capacity and also carry large financial and legal costs.


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If any credit does not help you save money or make you better off by providing you with a useful reward at no cost to you then consider not using it. If you have huge credit card and micro loan debt, this can often be advantageous because these generally carry a high interest rate. Unless you pay your debt in full before finance charges accrue, purchases made with credit will cost more than those made with cash.


Debt Counselling - Debt Counselling Services - Debt Counselling Cape Town

Debt Sage will expose you to our expert advice and tips on debt management, personal finances through articles for no charge. We will provide you with essential information and advice on debt management tailored specifically for you. Competency to manage money appears to be a skill that does not come naturally to everyone.


Beat the recession! Try these strategies to avoid accumulating too much debt.Debt Counselling - Debt Counselling Services - Debt Counselling Cape Town

Revise down your lifestyle and live simple for a while. Use cash or debit cards for purchasing everyday items. Buy generic brands & consider making bulk purchases. Start saving to build an emergency fund.