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By: Dealflow Leasing  11-11-2011
Keywords: Financial Institutions, Asset Based Finance, Rental Agreements

Dealflow leasing specializes in equipment and asset based finance by providing rental agreements through all major financial institutions in South Africa. Our product range comprises of rentals & installments sales of office automation, IT & PABX equipment, security equipment, construction & yellow metals, trucks, light aircraft, forklifts, generators & mining equipment.


  • This is a form of an operating lease that can be treated as “off balance sheet” financing.
  • Ownership of the asset stays with Dealflow Leasing for the full term of the agreement, however flexible end of term options available for the client.
  • Rental payment treated as an operating expense & vat portion of each installment claimable from SARS.

Installment Sales

  • Ownership of the asset is transferred to the lessee on payment of the last installment.
  • Vat input claimable up-front from SARS
  • Interest portion and depreciation of asset tax deductible.

End of term options for Rentals

  • Usage past maturity
  • Enter into a secondary rental at a reduced rate over 12 months
  • Buyout option – Settles & takes ownership
  • Return & upgrade

Keywords: Asset Based Finance, Financial Institutions, Rental Agreements