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By: De Bruyn Spectroscopic  11-11-2011
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Laboratory Chemical Solutions Supplies

Quality products begin with quality starting materials. We use the highest purity elements and compounds available (typically 99.999% purity or better) high -purity sub-boiled acids, and 18 mohm astm type 1 deionized water. Solutions are prepared gravimetricall in our laboratory by experienced analytical chemists. Digestions and dilutions are performed with care and regularly monitored for solution stability. We use containers appropriate to minimize contamination of all stock concentrates. Bottles are acid cleaned and triple rinsed in de-ionized water prior to packaging.

Laboratory Analysis Certification

All ultraspec standards undergo 100% final qc checks, and are accompanied by a comprehensive certificate of analysis (coa). For all single element plasma standards, a complete trace impurity analysis for sixty elements is provided. Our tight purity specifications and more demanding quality assurance protocols assure complete customer satisfaction.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory Standards

Ultraspec's commitment to quality, exceptional customer service and support goes far beyond just filling orders. We are certain that you will be more than satisfied with our products. Please put us to the test. We look forward to earning your business. Ultraspec Standards available within 3 days, with highly competitive pricing. Committed to Excellence at all times.


Our single element plasma standards provide direct traceability to the appropriate nist srm. We employ the technique of hp-icp-oes (high performance inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy) this technique was developed by nist to provide measurement traceability to a recognized reference standard and establishes a well-defined, traceable measurement error. Traceability is the property of a measurement result whereby it can be related to stated reference, usually comparisons. Traceability is not simply an unbroken chain of comparisons; it demands that the measurement uncertainty is calculated according to defined methods and stated at each step. This allows an overall uncertainty for the whole chain to be calculated. Traceability can only be demonstrated by the last facility providing the measurement value. The presence of nist test report numbers does not in itself prove the adequacy or traceability of a measurement.

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Keywords: Laboratory