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By: Dcstools  11-11-2011
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The desire to have more complete information about .DAF audio files, created originally by Computer Concepts Corporation, was the motivation to create iDAF. iDAFprovides the means to scan user-designated hard disk locations, searching for and cataloguing all .DAF files found. All information available in the "cart header" is extracted and organized in an easy-to-read tabular display.

Displayed cart information can be further organized by hiding or showing columns of information on-demand. Thus, if you’re only looking at certain aspects of the audio files, you can remove extraneous information from the display – and later restore it on-demand.

Unlike the standard XStudio, DCS or Maestro inventory information, iDAF shows you key information like cart distribution, multi-cut rotation, sample rate, stereo/monaural settings, type of encoding used (PCM, apt-X™, MPEG), number of revisions that have been made to the audio, owner node of the audio, date/time stamp of the file, and even the analog and digital gain trim values.

Once information has been organized in a suitable way, the information can be exported to any of a number of popular file formats, including standard text, XML, HTML, and Excel (XLS) formats for further analysis – or to just provide a list of carts to someone who may need to do maintenance on out-of-date audio, etc.

There are times when it’s desirable to copy selected audio files from one location to another, and that feature is provided, too.

Registered users of iDAF gain advanced features like the ability to edit cart header information, including begin and end dates, distribution, description, agency field, multi-cut rotation and audio gain. Edited information is committed safely by initially making a copy of the audio file, modifying the header information, and then creating the finished file.

Purchasing iDAF

iDAF Basic: Free
IDAF Pro: $99.00 US
Order on-line immediately with a credit card using the Buy Now! button. If preferred, we can also send you an invoice for payment by check.



Update Policy

All updates for the same major version of this software are downloadable at no charge. Pro Version major updates may have an associated upgrade charge.

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Keywords: Credit Card

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