By: Datasaint  12-08-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Asset Management, Information Management

What is DataSaint Delta?

DataSaint Delta is a cost effective, full function, best-practice foundation for business, operations and asset management in capital intensive industries such as mining and manufacturing. The success of these businesses depends upon effective management and coordination of the plant, equipment and human resources of the enterprise.

Modern business managers demand user-oriented information systems which use the latest advances in software, hardware and communications technology. DataSaint Delta provides this functionality with a range of functional sub-systems and software modules. Core modules provide functionality common to most installations whereas additional modules are provided to match the specific market sector and the organization’s requirements.

Functional software design and proven advanced computing technology are employed to minimize complexity, reduce processing cost, and ensure trouble-free implementation. Experienced consultants, specializing in each functional area, assist with all aspects of system implementation.

DataSaint Delta can be installed in any capital intensive industry such as mining or manufacturing but is just as suitable for any other organization. Our implementation process ensures that we draw on our experience of different industries, seeking to optimise solutions required by your business. The owners of DataSaint become personally involved in the delivery process, thereby ensuring that projects are implemented “on time, within budget and on spec”.

Available Modules

DataSaint Delta is a fully integrated system, modular in design, and covering three primary areas of management information with several other support functions. The main areas of management information are:
• Inventory management
• Financial management
• Asset management

Each of these major sub-systems is further segmented into functional modules as described in the following sections. In support of these information management areas there are additional modules for:
• Production information
• Medical facility management
• Manufacturing production planning and scheduling
• HR and Payroll *
• Time and Attendance *

* HR and Payroll and Time and Attendance functionality is supplied in conjunction with our implementation partners. DataSaint Delta integrates seamlessly with PALPAY and Skycom to offer a total solution.

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