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By: Cz Electronics  11-11-2011

Requirements and Trends in Telecommunication Services

Communication Technologies and Social Progress
  • Aim of the “Missing Link” report of the ITU in 1985:
  • “To bring telephone service within the easy reach of all humankind
  • ”The new aim defined by the ITU General secretary in 2001:  “To bring internet services to all humankind within a decade in the new millennium”
  • The reality in 2006: More than 3 billion people have never had a telephone conversation in their lifes!

Transmitting the Information

The Long Range IP Microwave Access System (L.R.I.P.) has been designed to transmit wideband data:  Any data over any distance.  Using radio means, no need for cabling.  Providing Ethernet interfaces means, plug in your computer and the data can flow.  Requiring a minimum of power allows the L.R.I.P to be powered on alternative power sources such as wind, solar energy or fuel cells, optionally available from CZ Electronics Manufacturing Pty (Ltd).

Ditex system description

DiTEX is a low power radio device for digital point-to-point and point-to-multipoint telephony and Ethernet connections.

Metallic Smart Jack Remote Testing

The Metallic Smart Jack (MSJ) is a remote test device, located at the customer's premises. It is connected between the copper line and the customer/network terminating equipment.

The MSJ is used to enhance the Telco's Remote Access Test System by verifying the demarcation point between a Telco's digital networkand the customer's equipment.

The MSJ can be used for both 2-wire or 4-wire applications. The unit has intelligence to perform basic tests to check cable integrity uo to a customer's premises.