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By: Custrack  11-11-2011

Product Information

Custrack in its most basic form comprises of information management, contact management, marketing management, product management, sales & pipeline management as well as integration into e-mail and faxing packages. To enhance these features we have several add-ons: service call management, project and timesheet management, jobcards, sales orders, event management, Pastel integration (for invoicing, customer information and inventory management), SMS server to send text messages, Call Centre integration (presently with RealConnect) as well as a Campaign Manager function.

Intelligent Information Management


Event Management  ________
An intelligent event manager tool to help you set up a variety of events from a small party to a multiple day, multi session event at a venue.  It is integrated with the Database Manager, Contact Manager and Workflow and Projects Manager in Custrack and sets up budgets for the project and allocates tasks to individuals that can be managed with the workflow component.

Business Card Scanner ________
The CardScan product has a business card scanner with an intelligent Optical Character Recognition ability that scans a business card and then integrates the data into your database.  Once the card is scanned, Custrack looks on the database to see if the person is there, if not it populates the screens from the business card and with drag and drop on the fields on the screen, you can update any incorrect data.

Service Level Agreements and Call Escalation ________

Projects and Timesheets Management ________
Projects can be created with a budget and a set of tasks to be done by a certain date.  The Custrack System will then keep track of expenses and units claimed against the budgeted items for the project.  It is integrated into the Workflow component to help individuals to keep track of their tasks over all projects.

Job Cards and Contracts ________
Contracts on installed products as well as maintenance contracts can now be logged in Custrack. In conjunction with the Support Call Module, job cards can now be created for products installed (linked to a contract or not). Stock can be issued for a job card - full integration with Pastel or Evolution.

Workflow ________
Custrack has a separate module intended to manage the actions to be performed or procedures to be carried out in order to serve your Customers. This is done by capturing your existing procedures in Custrack Templates and selecting a specific template whenever a task for a specific Customer has to be performed. The selected template is used to create a “Project” and the necessary steps or actions to be taken to complete the project, are then assigned to the “Project Team” with due dates and / or dependencies. The WorkBox is then used to combine all the various project actions in the whole database.  By grouping or filtering actions, all the actions for a specific person can be seen together. This is then used to focus resources on many different projects simultaneously, but in an orderly fashion

Custrack Mobile Solution ________
The Custrack Mobile Solution- this facility offers you real time contact-, sales- and data management across WAP/GPRS handheld devices on any mobile network. The Custrack Mobile system provides the user out of the office access to the database.  It provides the following functions:

  • Database Management – adding and editing of customer information via the Customer Cardex Group.
  • Contact Management – adding of new contact information, scheduling of appointments, looking up history.
  • Sales Management – adding of new sales prospects, editing existing sales information, viewing of sales pipeline.
  • Product Management – adding of newly installed product information.
  • Support Call Management – adding of new support calls - allocation to technical staff,  allocation of SLA procedure.

Custrack Enterprise ________
The Custrack Enterprise version, making it possible to use Custrack remotely via the Web, is now available as an option. It replaces the existing, but outdated Custrack Web Interface Module.

Custrack Campaign Manager ________
A sophisticated, database driven tool based on HTML and integrated into the Custrack Template model, to generate and process inbound and outbound campaigns and surveys.

SMS Server ________
The SMS Server is incorporated into the Custrack Server and uses a Falcom Twist GSM modem to send text messages generated from within the various components of Custrack over the GSM network.