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By: Customer Framework  11-11-2011

The Customer Framework (TCF) SCHEMA Toolset is used by trained practitioners to support an organisation in building their own FRAMEWORK FOR CUSTOMER CENTRICITY or CONSUMER CENTRICITY. This is defined by TCF as being not just a way of dealing with customers and consumers but primarily a business system and way of managing many elements of the organisation.

There are two distinct versions of the SCHEMA Toolset:

Both the SCHEMA Customer and SCHEMA Consumer toolset and approach comprise a structured methodology and set of integrated software modules that:

  • Build an objective and quantitative clarity about the organisation’s current capability to manage their Customer or Consumer P&L
  • Benchmark this capability in detail against other relevant organisations
  • Create an aligned and challenging, but still realistic, definition of the desired state of customer or consumer centricity required
  • Model a realistic scale of financial benefit that can be achieved
  • Identify the priority improvement areas taking all the above into account
  • Drive a consistency of focus and approach across multiple business units

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Our thought leadership includes working closely with Partners to help them secure new business or develop relationships with existing clients through short, bespoke research exercises, leadership presentations, breakfast meetings/dinners and SCHEMA benchmarking workshops. The Customer Framework works with industry bodies, clients, partners and academics on leading edge research projects into important aspects of customer management.