Natural Static Ridge Mounted Ventilator

By: Curvent  11-11-2011
Keywords: Natural Ventilation, Fixed Louvres, Computerised Numeric Control

The Curvent Curve King ventilator is a natural static ventilator. The patented curved sides enhances the co-efficient capabilities of the ventilator and provides appealing aesthetic. The Curvent Curve King will ventilate hot stale air within the building which is then replaced with cool fresh air through fixed louvres and other openings at low level, vastly improving working conditions and productivity. The Curvent Curve King is designed to provide permanent ventilation. As an optional extra, a manual ground cable control system can operate winter dampers to shut ventilation. The ventilator is designed to fit any roof profile and is fully waterproof. The ventilator is manufactured using Computerised Numeric Control machines, completely eliminating manufacturing flaws. The ventilator is produced in knock down format to protect it against transit damage. The ventilator features a unique user friendly “Clip-On” installation system allowing fast and easy installation procedures that will reduce installation time and cost. This ventilator is renowned for its extremely robust construction. Its continuous natural ventilation capabilities and no maintenance, makes it a cost effective system to naturally ventilate any building. Available in slope mounted units or ridge mounted units, the flowing curved lines of the ventilator remains the first choice with architects, engineers and specifiers.

Keywords: Computerised Numeric Control, Fixed Louvres, Natural Ventilation,