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By: Ctrl Systems  11-11-2011
Keywords: Leak Detection, Ultrasound, Corona Discharge

Organizes location and equipment
Analyzes data from SoundCTRL
Trends, Flags, & Reports
Records ultrasound data from UL101
Uploads to InCTRL
Displays real-time analysis/feedback
Detects & converts ultrasound
into audible sound
Outputs to headset & SoundCTRL

CTRL products and solutions offer the ultimate method for maintaining plant efficiency and equipment reliability. CTRL's integration of non-destructive ultrasonic sensors and maintenance software have helped countless managers in a wide range of industries to meet the challenge of reducing operations and maintenance costs.

CTRL's "turnkey" solution not only provides clients with exceptional products, but also includes customized procedures, technology training, and technical support. This allows personnel to stay focused while integrating new cost saving processes.

Ultrasound condition-based monitoring begins with InCTRL (pronounced "in control"); your new eyes and ears for monitoring bearings, gears, pumps, and valves. InCTRL is a web-based system giving maintainers and executive management 24/7 access to ultrasound data.

The CTRL UL101 converts ultrasound signals produced by industrial machinery and vehicles into easily recognizable audible sounds so the user can evaluate the condition of individual components, even in extremely noisy plant environments. The UL101 is used worldwide for predictive maintenance, quality control, and leak detection.
SoundCTRL (pronounced "sound control") allows maintainers to quicly test and receive real-time feedback from bearings, gears, motors, pumps, and valves. Testing takes seconds and results are instant with wireless data uploads and reports to/from InCTRL.

The PowerBeam 300 (PB300) is a parabolic attachment for the UL101 that extends the range of detectability to more than 300 feet (100 m). Originally designed for detection of corona discharge on high-voltage power lines, the PB300 is being utilized for leak detection and evaluating steam traps from long distances.

Keywords: Corona Discharge, Leak Detection, Ultrasound

Other products and services from Ctrl Systems


InCTRL Ultrasonic Solution Overview

The InCTRL web-based application is a unique, cost-effective solution for ultrasound non-destructive testing and is available for an annual or monthly subscription. InCTRL is a data management, trending, and analysis system that works together with SoundCTRL and the UL101 for a complete condition based monitoring package.


CTRL UL101 Ultrasonic Inspection System Product Overview

The CTRL UL101 is a handheld, non-destructive inspection system, which utilizes ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, safety, and quality control. The UL101 offers the best signal and sensitivity available on the market today. Best Signal-To-Noise - Clear signal with extremely low static interference. Additional Support - Includes training CD + 1-1/2 day training course.


PowerBeam 300 Extended Range Ultrasonic Device Product Overview

Combining the features of the already proven CTRL UL101 with extended range and sensing capabilities, the PowerBeam 300 provides enhanced ultrasonic detection. The parabolic design increases the capabilities of the UL101 by allowing it to detect ultrasound from up to 300 feet away. A pistol-like grip, laser pointer, and rifle sights make the PowerBeam easy to handle and use. 000041 - Corona Detector Kit.