Domestic metal vacuum valve is introduced

By: Valmax Valve Co., Ltd.  08-10-2013
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Metal vacuum valve is in a vacuum system, used to change the direction of the gas flow control, gas flow, vacuum system components are cut off or connected piping is called vacuum valve. Following a brief introduction to the vacuum valve:

High vacuum flapper valve drive device can be placed on the side

High usually flashboard valve, accounting for the large defect height space equipment. In order to overcome we will drive device is designed on the side of this shortcoming, it greatly shortened the height size of the valve, reducing the production cost of the device space.

High vacuum butterfly valve adopts high platform design

General pneumatic, electric high vacuum butterfly valve is used in installation bracket / connecting sleeve, direct installation of high platform of our company scientific design, simple installation actuator.

Small caliber high vacuum flapper valve is precision castings

Precision casting technology and equipment of high technology, the stainless steel casting can obtain dense structure. No "holes, loose, sand casting defects such as". Neat appearance, beautiful. The valve leakage rate is better than 10-10Pa. M3/S. Fully applicable to ultra high vacuum condition.

Keywords: metal vacuum valve, Vacuum Valve, valve,

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