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By: Change Designs  05-29-2012 – provides articles, tools and resources to anyone at work. They provide: · cloud based member tools accessible from either desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone · online mentoring · online shopping · digital products targeting e-readers such as Kindle, tablets such as iPad, and smart phones such as iPhones. · free articles · free visual mind mapping tools for creatively displaying information and navigation. · Unique visual problem solving tools such as analysing political games at work · The site is unique in that it is a liquid design which adapts to any screen size – from tablet to large screen. It automatically resizes columns, resizes images and relays out text to fit the users screen. It uses the latest CSS3 styling to give a three dimensional look as well as being extremely easy to navigate. · It is integrated into these social networks o Facebook: o Twitter:!/changedesigns o Google+ Although this e-business is relatively new, it already attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world and is revolutionizing the way consulting, leadership, coaching, training and self-help is being done in the physical world.

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Ride the Wild Tiger - an inspiring novel about personal and organizational change. from Change Designs thumbnail

Ride the Wild Tiger - an inspiring novel about personal and organizational change.

Ride the Wild Tiger brings to life topics often taught on leadership courses such as: Personal and organizational change. Strategic planning and implementation. Vision creation. Transformation and organizational development. Team building. Creating high performing teams. This is a book filled with positive energy, and is often used to inspire both individuals and teams. It has become one of the most popular books used by business schools and learning and development departments, for c

The Change Cycle cards - Manage resistance to change from Change Designs thumbnail

The Change Cycle cards - Manage resistance to change

Manage resistance to change effectively.   Change agents, middle managers, leaders, change consultants, and supervisors who need to get a

Reviews of Blackboards Bubbles & Cappuccinos from Change Designs thumbnail

Reviews of Blackboards Bubbles & Cappuccinos

Who uses this book Coaches use this book as a gift for their clients. Blackboard Bubbles & Cappuccinos is an ideal gift to give at the end of any personal mastery, life coaching, emotional or spiritual intelligence training coarse. The book is about Robin, who is a thirty three year old director of companies. Michael is the owner of a café that serves up life affirming philosophies together with his decadent cappuccinos. From the blackboard wisdom of the Soul Café in Johannesburg to the