Free fax 2 email

By: My Free Fax mail  06-27-2012
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  • The best benefit of the fax to e-mail service is that it is FREE and you will not need to spend money on purchasing any new hardware or software.
  • You can send emails to client lists, instead of laboriously typing in each fax individually, with our useful fax to e-mailfree service. You can also send faxes once off to a many different clients.
  • A variety of extensions can be sent: Fax to e-mail affords clients the ability to send different extension types as fax documents using the internet.
  • Your fax number will never be engage: Don’t worry about spending hours next to your fax machine trying to get through to that line that is always busy. With a fax to email free service, this is a problem of the past.

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