Bio-Baba all-in-one cloth nappy

By: Bio Baba  08-03-2010
Keywords: Baby Accessories, Potty Training, Cloth Nappies

Winner of the Real Simple Green Innovation Award (household), and pegged as Fit Pregnancy magazine’s ‘most convenient’ cloth nappy, Bio-Baba's smart-fit all-in-one cloth nappy is a smart choice for conscientious parents. Bio-Babas are a versatile and cost effective all-in-one, no-fuss option. Child-friendly, eco-friendly! Rather than spending up to R18 000 on disposbale nappies and throwing away approx. 1 tonne of landfill space per baby (including 325kg of non-biodegradable plastic and 20 trees worth of paper) Bio-Baba nappies offer a really effective and sustainable nappy solution. They also use the super-absorbing power of hemp rather than the myriad of toxic chemicals contained in disposables.

Keywords: Baby Accessories, Cloth Nappies, Potty Training, washable nappies