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By: Greenenergyherbals  01-04-2012
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Health is a continuing process of change. Positive, constructive habits such as eating, drinking responsibly, exercising, dancing etc., all contribute to a healthy state of being. Stressful living is a way of doing these same things in such a way that it has a negative impact on the being.

If we approach life in a way that taps into the thought that each living organism has intense, dynamic, vital energy in and around itself, we would firstly begin to heal ourselves and as a follow on to this vibrant positive self, Mother Earth will also be able to heal.

ThymeAlways worn around the neck for luck, and was used to scare away terrifying and poisonous sea creatures! It was used by the Egyptians as one of the ingredients in the embalming process. And most importantly it was used to see the little people. Ancient Greeks considered Thyme symbol of style, elegance & courage & they used this in ceremonies to cleanse their holy areas. Indeed, today Thyme is an important herb used in ritual fires to cleanse spiritual areas. Thyme was believed to bring courage to the wearer and many a knight would be seen sporting a thyme scarf, lovingly sewn by their women.  It is also known that fairy beds are made of Thyme. Thyme was used in burial rites as it was believed that the herb would take the departed through the passage into the next life.

Rosemary –Was once thought to heal the plague as well as prevent forgetfulness. A tale is of the flowers once all being white, then Mary spread her cloak over the bush sheltering the baby Jesus, whereupon the flowers miraculously turned blue. Brides always carried Rosemary to ensure the fidelity of the groom. Scholars in ancient Greece used to wear garlands of the herb to remember their lessons. Rosemary mixed with Juniper Berries was burned in sick rooms to kill off unwanted germs. We know today that Rosemary makes an effective antiseptic wash.

Keywords: Comfrey Healing Ointments, Flower & Rock Crystal Essences, hand prepared tinctures, Herbal Remedies, Natural Products,

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