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By: Sage Netcash  11-11-2011
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System - Service features
  • The Netcash system allows you access to all the services via the internet from anywhere, at any time, using any device with a browser.
  • With Netcash you do not require dedicated software which is restricting in nature because it only allows you access to your data from one PC.
  • You will not be required to upgrade software when your service requirements change.
  • You will not be required to do software updates.
  • User friendly interfaces make it easy for first time users to make use of services without training.
  • The Netcash system allows you to have multiple system users on the account.
  • You can control who may view, add, edit and delete data as well as authorize transactions.
  • You can have multiple users with varying administration and authorization rights at no additional cost.

Netcash transacts directly with the 4 larger banks and through Bankserv with the smaller banks. We can therefore guarantee service levels and payment clearance times. The advantage to you as a merchant is that you do not need to change any of your current banking relationships to use our service.

Netcash has developed an advanced validation component which facilitates the accurate capturing of data prior to submitting transactions. This saves you the inconvenience of returned or rejected transactions and the associated costs. The system provides tables with the branch codes of all the banks in South Africa. We continually update this information as the details are made available from BankServ.

You will have access to a comprehensive set of reports that provide you with all of the critical information that you require. Whether you need to look at your customers’ payment history or need to analyze your future revenue streams based on your collection history, you will find our online reports an invaluable tool.

Keywords: Banks

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