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Professional Playstation 3 Repair Service from Console Extreme - Playstation 3 Repairs in Cape Town

By: Console Extreme - Playstation 3 Repairs in Cape Town  06-02-2011
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<p>As a Professional and Specialized PlayStation 3 repair shop we take pride in 
offering outstanding PS3 repair services and always below manufacturers repair 
cost. We work quickly and diligently, to ensure sure you or that gamer in your 
life is back in the gaming seat with our fast 48 hour PS3 repair Turnaround.<br/><br/>
Our Professional PS3 Repair Service includes these benefits:<br/><br/>
Rapid repair times<br/>
Pre-Repair diagnosis test<br/>
Free Quote<br/>
After repair quality control test<br/>
Original Sony parts<br/>
After sales service &amp; support<br/>
Cleaned &amp; Polished<br/>
Safe &amp; secure return packaging<br/>
3 month warranty on Repairs<br/><br/><br/><br/>
|| Frequent PS3 Repair Services Requested ||<br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | Yellow Light Of Death :: Cost || R800 (All Inclusive)<br/>
You power on the console ::&gt; The console starts up normally for about 2-3 
seconds ::&gt; The console beeps 3 times while flashing a faint yellow light, ::&gt; 
The console continues to flash a red light. ::&gt; No display is sent to the T.V. 
This means a ‘General Hardware Failure’ on your PS3 3 Console, Caused by one or 
more of the over 3,000 Components on the Mother Board.<br/>
(Overheating Related YLOD) - This service involves identifying and repairing the 
component(s) among the Thermal Control System which created the Thermal 
conditions that caused the YLOD in addition to the High quality reball or reflow 
PS3 Repairs | Not Reading Discs, Games and/or Movies :: Cost || R800 (All 
Your PlayStation 3 games or blu ray movies may be loading slowly, freezing 
during play, stuttering or not loading at all.<br/>
1st Generation CECHA, CECHB, CECHE &amp; CECHG Consoles with 400AAA Laser :: R950 
(All Inclusive)<br/>
All other later Versions :: R800 (All Inclusive) PS3 Repairs | Not Turning On / 
No Power :: The PlayStation 3 will not turn on, it has no signs of life 
whatsoever. Not even the standby Red Light. This often requires the repair or 
complete replacement of the PS3's PSU (Power Supply Unit).<br/><br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | Shutting Down / Over Heating ||;;<br/>
The PlayStation 3 will shut down during use and the standby light will flash 
(frequent in old FAT Consoles) or SWITCH OFF Completely (frequent in New Slim 
Consoles), often within 5 to 40 minutes of the console being turned on.<br/>
&gt; PHAT Console :: R600 (All Inclusive)<br/>
&gt; SLIM Console :: R800 (All Inclusive)<br/><br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | PS3 USB Ports Unresponsive ||;; <br/>
Primarily Caused by an Unprofessional YLOD Fix, Overloading of USB Port or 
Physical Damage.<br/>
&gt; 2 USB Ports Console Version :: R600 (All Inclusive)<br/>
&gt; 4 USB Ports Console Version :: R700 (All Inclusive)<br/><br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | Jammed Disc Drive :: Cost || R600<br/>
Often as a result of putting more than one disc into the drive at once, coins or 
any foreign objects, the drive.<br/>
The drive will then not accept or eject discs and may make a loud clicking 
PS3 Repairs | XMB Dashboard Does Not Start Up ||;;<br/>
The Console will power on but when starting up the dashboard / start menu does 
not fully load, indicated by waving lines but no icons. Often as a result of a 
defective hardware.<br/>
&gt; Hard Drive Defects :: From R400 (All Inclusive)<br/>
&gt; Firmware BRICKS :: See “NAND &amp; NOR Specialized Services”<br/><br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | Will Not Connect to Internet :: Cost || R600<br/>
The console will not connect to the internet, despite checking cables &amp; 
configuration settings. Wireless &amp; wired connections can be affected.<br/><br/><br/>
PS3 Repairs | Freezing Graphics ||;;<br/>
The console will freeze randomly during Game Play, the console may also freeze 
on the main dashboard.<br/>
Basic Overheating :: R600 (All Inclusive) – See Above!<br/>
Replacement of Graphics Chip :: R1,100 (All Inclusive)<br/><br/><br/><br/>
|| Get Service Now ||<br/><br/>
Our Default Drop-Off and Pick Up Location is in PostNet, at the bottom of the 
Protea Place Building in Claremont. However our Workshop is within the Apartment 
building directly Opposite PostNet where we work from our Garage Workshop. We do 
not accept Console’s directly at the Garage Workshop due to access limitations 
hence that’s why PostNet is our Default Drop-Off and Pick Up Location.<br/><br/><br/><br/>
|| Address / Location ||<br/><br/>
Map Address: Protea Place, Cnr Protea Rd &amp; Dreyer Street, Claremont, 7708, Cape 
GPS Location: -33.977837,18.463581<br/><br/>
:: Open for Console Drop-Off and Pick Up ::<br/><br/>
Mon – Fri : 09h00 – 17h00<br/>
Sat : 10h00 – 12h00<br/><br/>
Specialized in PS3 Repairs, we take pride in offering outstanding PS3 Repair 

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